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Crazy World Of Christmas Shopping

I know some you live in sunnier climates, i.e. Australia and California (even French Polynesia, although I haven’t got a clue where that is) and therefore Christmas on the beach is probably a wonderful experience I hope to try sometime, but here in good old Blighty it is raining again, it’s been raining for days, shame the world didn’t end, at least it may have stopped raining!

I had to nip in town this morning to pay the rent, exchange presents, stuff like that, great! I can honestly say I will not be going in town again this Christmas, firstly because of the traffic.

Now I don’t mean road traffic, I don’t drive (I never have), but I walk and at pace, the tiny streets of Newark have been around since well before the advent of the car, so our pavements (sidewalks for my American friends) are quite narrow, which is not good for me when the rest of the town walks at less then one mile an hour, at least two abreast or just hogging the middle of the pavement/sidewalk. I have to say I am usually quite tolerant with people, but this just winds me up, the roadside is full of parked cars so it leaves nowhere for me to go, no option but to walk slowly behind them, waiting for a gap.

In the past I use to walk behind these people and hum the Vangelis Theme Tune to Chariots of fire, you know the one with the slow motion running thing, this one, but always seemed to get a kick off Victoria or nudge in the ribs, she always said I was embarrassing her. It is no fun to do that these days though, because those in front are oblivious to anyone else or just don’t get it and also there’s no Victoria to nudge me anymore!

It’s even worst when those in front just stop for no reason at all, they just stop right in front of you, why? Never heard of mirror, signal, manoeuvre, there should be a highway code for walking as well, actually better not, I would probably get pulled for speeding!

Secondly, all my shoes and trainers are now completely worn out (you would think they would be guaranteed for at least 1000 miles of walking), the soles let in water, so if it is raining I end up with wet socks, fantastic squelching trainers and ringing wet socks, on top of slow moving traffic, really makes my day, but it’s all part of Christmas, isn’t it?

Where the flowers grow
A place for us to go
Where I don’t feel alone
When I go away
I will always come back home”
(Home by CircleSlide)

But thankfully I’m back home now, out of the rain and dry, at least that’s all my shopping done for this year, maybe hit the New Year sales, get myself some new footwear, until then it looks like I’ll have to live with the wet socks!