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Elements – Fire

Elements – Fire

All the flames dance around me
Flickering around my soul
And if I reach out to touch them
They burn a hole right through my heart
How did I end up in this fire?
Why do these flames rise around me?
Am I bound to dance forever?
Between the flames of sin and hell
Where my soul is deeply lost

But now before my eyes I see it
A light dancing between my flames
Ever it comes closer
Reaching to me to dance with Him
If I take Him by the hand
And dance here between the flames
These flames slowly fade to nothing
And this soul finally become free

The Dance Within The Flames (Isaiah 43:2)

The Dance Within The Flames (Isaiah 43:2)

The fire grows
Flames dance wild
Reaching to the clouds
Spreading out so wide
You’re there in the middle
Which way do you turn
The heat becomes unbearable
Flames lick upon the skin

Yet there He is

Dancing before you
A vision so perfect
Your eye’s don’t believe
He reaches for you
Taking your hand
And you dance with Him
Until the flames all die

Together you float
On ground un-scorched
No burns or scars
Seen upon your skin
Untouched you dance
With the Father’s Son
Dancing there so free
Dancing there as one

Isaiah 43:2

Isaiah 43:2


In The Fire

In The Fire (Daniel 3:24-25)

Are you in the fire?
Where your world is burning down
Is the heat too much?
Are you about to fall?
Raise your eyes my friend
You’ll see him there
As He dances between your flames
He calls to you
To dance with Him
And as you both dance
There the flames will die
And in freedom you’ll dance once again

Daniel 3:24-25

Daniel 3:24-25

Dance Between The Flames


I know you feel these flames
They rise upon every side
There the heat will rise
And I know you feel the pain
With a fear being consumed
There in the heart of the inferno
Yet I won’t let you perish
Because here it is where
I will refine your spirit
In the heat of the fire
The impurities will fall away
For this refining fire
I need you to face
But know I’m in there with you
I’ll dance between the flames
There by your side
Until the flames subside
And like pure silver you shine