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Night And Day – 2 Samuel 22:29

Night And Day – 2 Samuel 22:29

Clouds can gather
A shadow falls
Night is coming
A darkness to life
In the midst of day
All I see is night
Craving the sunshine
Only feeling in the dark
But You are the light
To break through it all
Turning darkness to day
Shutting out the night
A lamp to my life
What I am without You
How ever would I find
My way on this path
Without You at my side

2 Samuel 22:29
2 Samuel 22:29

From Shadows To Grace

From Shadows To Grace

How can someone like me
Stand within the light of Your grace
Someone who held hands with the darkness
Found the comfort of the shadows
Within a prison of tainted glass
Sinking slowly to the bottom

Yet You never let the dark
Take from me my heart
Instead you set a fire deep within
That burns now for You
Free from ingrained fear
Alive once more in the glory of Your grace

Now the light dissolves the shadows
A dying soul rises once more
And tears of joy replace the pain
With arms raised high
And a joyful heart I give thanks
Now I’m back within the Fathers arms