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Our Protector (Psalm 37:39-40)

Our Protector (Psalm 37:39-40)

You our great deliverer
See the steps in which we walk
You go before when troubles calls
We are called the righteous
Those who take shelter below Your wings
Our protector in time of trouble
And our strength within the storm
The one who delivers us from our enemies
We raise our voice to the mighty Father
The sounds of our praise echoes to the heavens
In gracious thanks to our great redeemer
For the peace He places in our soul

Psalm 37:39-40

Psalm 37:39-40

Into The Storm


Can I stay a while
In the shadow of Your Wings
Please let me rest a while
Before I face the tempest

Can I take Your hand
As I walk towards this storm
Please hold on tight
I can’t do this on my own

Can I seek Your refuge
If this all get’s to much
Please be my shelter in my need
When I’m weary from the fight

Can I sing Your praise
When I conquer this chaos
Please be my fortress and deliverer
For You are my Rock and my salvation

Being Part Of A Vision

It’s been another good day today, a great day at Church that is.

After yesterday’s long day at the Show, I skipped walking this morning, I knew it would be a fairly long day at Church, seeing as I was on main camera, where concentration is key, I wanted to be as awake as I possibly could.

Justin gave another great preach as part of the current Life Detox series, I’ll need to listen to the podcast again as I walk sometime this week, unfortunately I find as I’m concentrating on following Justin’s every movement on stage, I don’t take in as much of what he is saying as I would like, but what I did take in sounded great as usual.

Then after a short lunch break Gareth took the stage to outline our Church’s current vision for the future, for expansion both short term and long term.  Once again as I was on the camera for Gareth’s presentation, I couldn’t take it all in detail, but I got the basic outline of what he was saying and the vision for expansion, which sounds exciting.

Part of that vision will include the expansion of the current live streaming of our services.  We currently film our services and live stream the preach to our other campus in Wellingborough and to the internet, as well as uploading an audio podcast to iTunes for download.  Podcasts of our services can be found here.  The plan is starting next month we will be launching ECTV, which will broadcast parts of our service and other features live to the internet each Sunday, as well as broadcasting other media and information for our Connect Groups and anyone else who maybe interested.

It’s certainly an honour to be part of something as exciting as this and to be trusted to carry out camera duties for many of the forthcoming live services.

When I look back to Sunday 18th March 2012, when I was in the middle of an alcoholic bender and staring into a mirror with a penknife at my wrist, on the edge, almost over, to where I find myself now, the change in my life is an absolute miracle, nothing short of amazing.

That’s all thanks to what God did for me that day, when He blew all those destructive thoughts away, when He whispered in my ear and held my wrists safely apart, He started the process of breathing life back into these dry bones.

The very next day He gave me the courage to call Gareth, which just two weeks later brought me to the Everyday Champions Church, where I now find myself part of a family.

For those interested I will keep you informed over the coming weeks regarding the launch of ECTV next month, in the mean time I believe we will still be live streaming from our services, I will let you know where you can find them on the internet later this week.

I know I’ve used this song before, but something Justin said in his preach earlier, from 2 Corinthians 2:17, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, There is freedom”, brought this song straight into mind.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is
There is freedom
Where the Spirit of the Lord is
There is hope
Where the Spirit of the Lord is
There is healing
Your blood is enough
To break every chain
Your blood is enough
To break every chain
(Deliverer by Vicky Beeching)

Traumatising Rabbits

I’ve stated before my love for both music and walking, every morning I get up at 5.30am, put on some great music and just walk, I love it, it sets up my day and gives me balance.

Sunday morning I get up even earlier, I get up at 5.00am, no Sunday morning lay in for me anymore, Sunday is my most important day now. So Sundays start at 5.00am, I get up walk up the biggest hill in town, as I do every morning, then back down the hill and along an old train track, which is now a cycle track.

The whole journey is about 13 miles and takes just under 3 hours at my speed, so I can get a good walk in, get back home, have some breakfast and a bath, then get ready for Church.

It doesn’t matter where I walk, I’ve always got my music on, the great thing about that time of day is that there is rarely anybody else about, especially on the cycle track, so I’m free, I’ve got the whole place to myself to enjoy the sunrise and the beautiful Sunday morning.

The cycle track has an abundance of wild life, mainly birds and rabbits. The rabbits, literally hundreds of them, scamper around before me as walk, diving across the track, in and out of their burrows either side of the tarmac walkway.

But I can get a bit carried away, when a particularly powerful song comes on I just have to sing along, wave my arms around in a kind of freaky dance, I just let go, nobody can see me, apart from the rabbits! “Deliverer” by Vicky Beeching is a one of my favourite songs to walk and sing along to, it’s a great worship song for a Sunday morning walk, although the rabbits don’t seem to appreciate my version.

Deliverer come set me free
Break every chain holding me
Deliverer come have Your way
I surrender to Your rule and reign
(Deliverer by Vicky Beeching)

You know what it is like when you’ve got ear phones on, you tend to talk alot louder than usual as you try to hear yourself over the music in your ears, well singing is no different, I sing loud just so I can hear myself. But as I do this the rabbits stop and stare at the weird site approaching them, before turning tail and running away. I can see that real look of a scared rabbit, as if caught in the headlights of an on coming car.

Traumatised rabbits, the legacy of my Sunday morning walk.

I’m so sorry my furry little friends, I mean you no harm, I just can’t help myself, I know my singing is absolutely atrocious and I know it’s early on a Sunday morning, but I promise I will try to be a little more considerate in the future.