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Let It All Go

Let It All Go

All worry for night let it all go
All the shadows in the rooms
Just created by your mind
When all become too much
When the room is closing in
I’ll be the one who throws His arms around you
And when your sun doesn’t shine
I’ll be The Light for your life
And when the stars grow dim
I’ll be one star that lights the night
Wherever the journey
Wherever you travel
Every step I take with you
I’ll be at your side in the good times
I’ll carry you through in the bad
But just for now
In this very moment
Let it all go

And Another Child Dies

And Another Child Dies

And another child dies
As the parents simply weep
How could they bring the end?
Cold steel upon the skin
Or bitter pills taken in
Because in this world
They just didn’t fit

Teased cruelly by their piers
For just not fitting in
Not looking or feeling the same
Their words just cut upon the soul
Why does it come to this?
We reject what simply doesn’t fit
And another child dies
For trying to fit in to this world

But it just looks on
Shakes it’s head in disdain
Stupid little child
Just another wayward teen
Who just wouldn’t fit in

But why should they try?
Why should we make them?
Why should we push them?
To become what we wish

The Father sees them as beautiful
The Father sees them as unique
Made within His image
So why do they need to fit in?

But another a child dies
And a family just weeps
And the world just stands by
To throw its ugly words
Against another troubled teen
Until another child dies

Left Alone

Left Alone

And when I was left alone
I built this place into a fortress
A place where I stood strong
Far beyond the pain I held
And now
Now this place is a prison
No longer a home
Just living in a cell
Unable to walk out
Here I am sitting
Solitary, alone
Praying the angels sing
And the thunder come
For the lightning to strike these walls
And once more
Set me free

Empty Heart, Diminishing Soul

Empty Heart, Diminishing Soul

Empty heart
Diminishing soul
This crack in my heart
Where my faith seeps
Emptying slowly
I feel the tears come
I fear them well
As I stand beside the crowd
Set aside I try to hide
I fight the coming tears
Yet still I try to hide
But I sing how I can
Maybe quiet and withdrawn
But I praise with what I have left
Even with this emptying heart
All the faith I still hold
I put into those few words
Now I write of how I feel
On the edge of silent tears
Still hoping this will turn
This emptiness will be filled
And I will feel again
An emotion other than emptiness
A feeling other than solitude
For now I’ll sing as I can
With just what I have left
Fighting tears beside the crowd
Hoping never to be seen
Here but all alone
Where my diminished soul
Leads me to be

Painted Pictures

Painted Pictures

I wish I could paint a picture
To show how I feel inside
I wish I could play the music
The theme of this hectic ride
I wish I could write the lyrics
Of a song that reaches heaven
And this will become clear
Of how messed up I am living

The Cutting

The Cutting

Can she find another space
To make another cut
Can she find another moment
Just to feel okay
Just a fleeting glimpse
Of how it is to feel
To release all the emptiness
Even if for just a second
For nobody is listening
Nobody can understand
What it takes to break the skin
Where a mind is that takes it there
She’s just searching for a feeling
One just to feel okay
For the world has turned it face
Without ever understanding
Just a silly girl they say
Is she crying out of attention
Or just crying for it’s all she feels
All the pictures of this world
Of how she should look
Just twists the mind further
Driving a blade only deeper
Don’t she know she’s beautiful
In the eyes of her Maker
Loved within a Father’s arms
He who cries with every cut
If she just could see His face
Maybe the blade would slowly fall
And those moments pass by
Without a cut at all

Not Everyone

Not Everyone

Not everyone’s gonna be happy
Not everyone’s gonna smile
Some will ever struggle
With the expectations of the world
Struggle is okay
To feel low is fine
For all the “snap out of its”
For all the “it’ll be okays”
That never hit the soul
That never ease the heart
Not everyone’s gonna be happy
Not everyone’s gonna smile
But the Lord’s still with them
The Lord still loves them
The One who protects
The One who holds them
I just pray they find His face