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The Race

The Race (Hebrews 12:1)

From tired and worn
I wake once more
Standing beside You
I see the path set before

Now I’m back at the beginning
And the race before I will run
With this strength that I receive
I will endure until we have won

Hebrews 12:1

Hebrews 12:1

Enduring Hope

Enduring Hope (Romans 15:4)

I search Your words
And I look for a way
As the battles arises
With the coming of the sunrise

I feel Your peace within my sleep
And find your strength as I awake
Yet the trails of each day
Erode my spirit as I fight

I seek a way to keep rising
And the will to endure
So even this weariest of souls
Can hold tight to Your hope

(Part 3 of 7)

Romans 15:4

Romans 15:4

I Will Endure

I Will Endure

I will wait for You
It’s all I can do
I will pray to You
In the cool of the morning
And the darkness of the night
It’s all I have left

I will hold on to Your promise
Even when it’s seems hard
I will endure
When I’m feeling lost
Or alone with in my thoughts
In You I’ll find my strength

In the pain of the darkness
In the emptiness of the night
I know You are with me
Beyond the hurt of rejection
Despite the memories of the past
I know You will never leave me