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If You’re Not There – Exodus 33:12-16

If You’re Not There – Exodus 33:12-16

If You’re not there
My Lord
I wish not to go
I’ve been alone in a world before
One I never wish to return
Oh Lord
Do not let me go back
To the places I am alone
For if You’re not there
My lord
I never wish to go

Exodus 33:12-16
Exodus 33:12-16

A Moment Of Doubt – Exodus 33:12-16

A Moment Of Doubt – Exodus 33:12-16

Will there always be a time?
When ever the mighty
Most faithful of the Lord
Find a place of doubt
Even the strongest found struggle
Even the wisest found folly
So am I so bad?
When I doubt what’s in this heart
Is it part of the journey?
To have moments to find a way
The break through all doubt
And simply trust in the name of the Lord

Exodus 33:12-16

Exodus 33:12-16

It’s A Long Road From Here – Exodus 33:12-16

It’s A Long Road From Here – Exodus 33:12-16

It’s a long road from here
It seems a long way to go
There are others here with me
And You say I am to lead
You bade me set them free
And lead them to tomorrow
But here I am upon my knees
Calling to You my Lord
Wherever I go, go with me
In all my words, be my voice
When I stop to find direction
Be the sign that leads me on
I can’t do this on my own
Not upon this road that leads forever
So many miles that I should travel
Lord, wherever I go
Be there with me

Exodus 33:12-16

Exodus 33:12-16