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Average Days

I sometimes think my posts are rather long winded, so today I will keep it short.

Since I started this journey I always end each day by writing in my journal, most days I identify as good, average, bad, great, fantastic, etc, etc.  But one day whilst writing up my day I realised I had got it all wrong, on this day nothing really happened, there was nothing bad to identify or change, nothing standing out as great, it was just a day, not memorable in any way, but then it hit me, if nothing bad happened then surely it was a good day not an average day, if nothing went wrong then that’s good isn’t it?

But now I realise that everyday that passes, everyday where I don’t reach for a drink, everyday where I resist any temptation to drink is not a bad day, it’s not an average day, it’s not even a good day, not even close to a great day, it is quite simply a fantastic day, how can it not be, each day I am free is a day to cherish, a day to celebrate!

One thing I ask
And I would seek
To see Your beauty
To find You in
The place Your glory dwells
(Better Is One Day by Something Like Silas)

We all need to remember, that we are loved, each day that we embrace that and use it to beat our weaknesses, each day that we journey with Christ is quite simply A FANTASTIC DAY!!!!!!!!