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The Story

The Story

He told me a story
A story of David and Goliath
He told me to listen
Listen intently
It might just change my life
He said he took no armour
Or sword of another
He just stood before
A giant with nothing more
Than sling and stone
And the protection of the Lord
With the Lord the giant was slain
Conquered by faith
Never by fear
So hear the story
My fearful heart
For a giant stands before me
Trying to gather my soul
So my heart
Take no sword or no armour
Carry nothing more than my Lord
And face the giant
Take him down
And conquer Fear par
To be free once again

He said this was David’s story
Now it’s time it write your own

Maybe I Am Smaller

Maybe I Am Smaller

Maybe I am smaller
Over half a foot
Than the average man
But in life I am taller
For I believe I can

I have stared down the giants
They could never face
I have stood before the mountains
That they could never climb
I have walked up to the walls
That keep them all within

I stand taller than the giants
That come against my life
I stand taller than the giants
That try to keep me down

For I have defeated the giants
Their fear made them turn from
I have throw the mountains to the sea
That their pessimism stopped them climbing
I have broken through the walls
That their unbelieving holds them within

The reason I have achieved all this
Is so very simple
I Am
The great I Am within me
Made me believe I can



Each day I come across the giants
That call in challenge every day
I take a breath and close my eyes
There I see David stepping out before the giant
No armour or sword in his hand
Just a sling and a rock
To hear the scorn and jeers of man
Of friend and foe alike
As he faced the one
Who kings and man alike did turn
He had no worry for what he did not carry
For he walked assured that God goes before
His armour and weapons the Lord he praised
His faith the rock his sling did throw
To conquer the giant before their scorn
To overcome where others did run
When God goes before what man
Or giant could come against
SO can I approach my giants this way
Or succumb to their words and jeers
To believe there goes God before me
My armour, my shield
And His word the weapon to slay
The Giants that stand before me each day

Mountains And Giants

Mountains And Giants

You’ve climbed the mountain
To find the giant at the summit
You defeat the giant
To see yet another mountain beyond
It’s a tough journey
And you’re about to fall
Can you take much more?

Stop right there
Take to your knees
Close your eyes and breathe
See behind you all you’ve conquered
With His hope set within your heart
Mountains have fallen into the seas
Giants fallen upon their knees

So rest in Him for a while
Under the shadows of His wings
Feel His strength begin to grow
A new sunrise will shortly come
You’ll rise again on eagles wings
Beyond the mountain you will fly
So rest in Him just for a while