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Glory To God Forever by Vicky Beeching

I really love this song and have been looking to include it within a post for sometime, but again the age old problem, I couldn’t find a video on youtube, I started making one a few months ago, but never completed it, but after a great day at Church early today, I came home and decided to finish it, to just simply pick an image and go with it.

I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do.

Glory to God
Glory to God
Glory to God forever
Creator God You gave me breath
So I could praise
Your great and matchless name
All my days all my days
So let my whole life be
A blazing offering
A life that shouts and sings
The greatness of the King
Take my life and let it be
All for You and for Your glory
Take my life and let it be Yours
(Glory To God Forever by Vicky Beeching)