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Empty To Healed

Empty To Healed

Open and empty
This heart has poured out all it can
Now I’m left in nothingness
Not knowing where I belong

Cold and alone
This soul is out in the elements
Taken by the winter it walks
Not knowing where I’m going to

Lost and longing
This mind is walking in circles
Trying to find it’s way home
Not knowing when I’ll return

Free and saved
This mind has been made
By the Son who took the cross
Now knowing who I am

Loved and protected
This heart is made safe
No matter where it roams
Now knowing to where it calls home

Healed and strengthened
This soul is ignited by love
No longer a wandering entity
Now knowing it’s to Christ I belong

Torn Scars – 1 Peter 2:24

Torn Scars – 1 Peter 2:24

These scar may bleed again
I’ve torn apart
That which was healed
Now I’m searching for the cross again
To find the One who took it all
He who bled for me
For all my sins
To heal these scars of mine
For now I’ve open the wounds
That need healing once again

1 Peter 2:24

1 Peter 2:24

Pen To The Paper – Psalm 52:9

Pen To The Paper – Psalm 52:9

I put this pen to the paper
To write of the healing You hold
To share with the world
The glory of salvation
You can bring to everyman
The children of this world
I pray will find their way
One day to see Your face
And in their moment of need
Find the healing You bring
To raise them among the saints
So I write these words
In this ink flows my hope
That just one may find the way

Psalm 52:9

Psalm 52:9

Touch Of Light – Isaiah 58:8

Touch Of Light – Isaiah 58:8

A touch of light
Brighter than a million suns
Come the morning
Come the healing
With that touch upon our soul
And we will rise in righteousness
With that light which will go before
Our Lord and our protector
Going with us into the world
To shine a light
And bring that touch
To those that need to feel it in this world

Isaiah 58:8

Isaiah 58:8

Shine Once More – Isaiah 58:8

Shine Once More – Isaiah 58:8

Does your hope slowly fade
And with every moment
Your light dims in time
Take a step back
Rest in the Lord
And let your light shine once more
With it comes the healing
As His hope fills your soul
Onwards You will go
A light shining for all to see

Isaiah 58:8

Isaiah 58:8

Thank You All

I would like to say thank you to all those who prayed and wished my Dad well yesterday.  It seems the power of prayer came through yesterday and my Dad, despite the weekend’s set backs, has been released from hospital this afternoon and is back home.

The same Doctor that treated him yesterday, examined him this morning and saw fit to release him today.

I have spoken with Dad this evening and he seems so happy to be at home, he seems so much more lively than when I saw him Thursday and hopefully I will see him again tomorrow evening.

So once again thank you all and thank God for His amazing power of healing.

I will follow, I will follow
Till the stars fall down, till the sun burns out
I will follow, I will follow
Till Gabriel’s horn does sound

I will follow, I will follow
Through the path You chose with the words You spoke
I will follow, I will follow
By the love You always showed

I won’t cry out ’cause love has lifted me
I won’t cry out ’cause now I will receive
Everything that You’ve given me
All things to me

I will follow, I will follow
For in You I do believe

I will follow, I will follow
Through the path You chose with the words You spoke
I will follow, I will follow
By the love, the love You showed

Never Alone (Isaiah 58:11)

Never Alone (Isaiah 58:11)

Trapped in broken wastelands
Dry heart
Empty inside

A soul shattered
Bitter mind
Weak feeling

You are never alone
Come home
Live again

My friend pray tonight
Hope is here
Mercy is coming

There is life ahead
Grace abound
Love endless

A father’s hand upon you now
Guiding the way
Healing your pain

Waters of life flow
Filling the heart
Feeding your soul

Isaiah 58:11

Isaiah 58:11