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Touch The Stars

Touch The stars

I myself
Keep trying to touch stars
Beyond my reach
But I’m going to keep trying
I’m never giving until
Until heaven’s in my touch
He gave me a spirit to overcome
When I myself had nothing
He raised me from the depths
And gave me wings to fly
So to the heaven’s I’m heading
To touch the stars that light my way
This world I’m going to overcome
Just like my risen King

Heaven Tonight

Heaven Tonight

Heaven is so close to the earth tonight
Heaven is so close for us all
It’s never far from those who call
Always there for the lost and found

Heaven is so close to all the ones
Who call out His name in joy
But just as close to all those people
Who call out His name in moments of fear

For those that pray and those that cry
Heaven is so close this night
For heaven is calling home the lost
And bringing God’s love to every one

The Cave

The Cave

I’m lost tonight
Inside the night of my day
I’m running far
From where I’m called

On tired feet I run today
To a place no one will come
Into a world I create myself
To hold a prisoner in his shame

Because I’m digging holes
To bury my soul
In the darkest of nights
Below the deepest of shadows

My winters have all come at once
Every step so cold
With these bare feet
Torn within the ice

Times I wish the courage of the steel
Had cut deep on that darkest day
I could be sleeping now
And this pain turn to dust and disappear

Hidden in my cave
A tattered web of worn shadows
In the cracks there is a light
Calling me to reach out

A veil of shadows is torn
And there I see His face
He calls me out once again
Yet I just cower lost and afraid

My hands they shake
They tremble as I reach
I want to go touch the light
It’s warmth I feel upon my heart

Heaven’s light shines beyond my veil
In His face I see my hope
Yet I need someone to come to me
And dance with me in heaven’s glow

There’s hope tonight
In the light that dissolves the veil
It holds my hand as I stand
Maybe soon we’ll have this dance

In Your Peace

In Your Peace (Psalm 4:8)

From the centre of the storm
You welcomed me to Your shelter
When chaos reigned
In the light of Your face
It faded from view
From heaven Your peace flowed
And settled over me
In the face of it all
I slept in Your peace
In the house of Your love
Where I rest in Your safety

(Part 2 of 7)

Psalm 4:8

Psalm 4:8

The Eternal Stream


When every tear falls
The earth will shake
With a sound that
Reaches out to heaven

The cry of the broken
Is heard high above
And the King on his throne
His heart gently breaks

Every sob is felt by The Lord
As He reaches out His arms
To comfort the empty
To bring healing to their souls

When they feel His touch
He’ll lift them up
From the barren lands
Out of the desolate pain

On wings of eagles He carries them
To the banks of the eternal stream
Where His living water
Will forever feed their roots

Where they never again suffer
Or feel the pain of emptiness
May they yield fruit in every season
Planted in the eternal stream

Heaven Breaks by Sleeping At Last

I heard this song this morning whilst walking, it was the first time I’ve listened to it in some time, I simply love the beauty of the song.

As usual I couldn’t find a lyric video, so I’ve made one of my own again, enjoy.

When heaven meets the earth
We will have no use for numbers
To measure who are and what we’re worth
When Heaven meets the earth
We will have no need for mirrors
To tell us who to be
And where we fit into this awkward point of view
(Heaven Breaks by Sleeping At Last)