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Broken Arrows

Broken Arrows

The arrow’s flown
It’s hit it’s mark
Opening wounds that shouldn’t be there
Deep below the skin
A fragile soul is torn
You see in their eyes
The anger which they strung their bow
As the words become the arrows
Which collide with your soul over and over again
To your knees you slip

A tiny tear falls
As another wells
The arrows still fly
The wounds become deep
So, so deep
Then they stop
They strike no more
Suspended in the air before
Beaten back by a word
A shield from heaven

The Father has spoken
His word into your life
His word your shield
His word binds the wounds
His word wipes the tear
And lifts you to your feet

Then here you stand
Immersed deep within His word
Triumphant in His glory
Defiant against their words
An army couldn’t break you now
For you are His
And He has already won
The blood of the Son has overcome

They will run
Broken arrows all spent
Today you have victory
And tomorrow will be the same
They will try again
Once more their words their arrows
You stay within His word
Victory assured
With Him then you’ll walk
Far beyond this field of broken arrows