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My Mind It Reaches – Romans 8:31

My Mind It Reaches – Romans 8:31

My mind it reaches
To a million different galaxies
Searching, ever searching
For limitless different possibilities
Still it find no satisfaction
Only the doubt and fear
Of this current situation
Is this world all against me
Both it’s natural and the people
All seen to come down on me
But in all these infinite possibilities
I have just one thread of hope
That is there for me
The God that I hold to
And He in turn holds me
If He is with me
None of this can stand against me
And time will bring it’s own victory

Romans 8:31
Romans 8:31

The Heavens Speak – Psalm 19:1-4

The Heavens Speak – Psalm 19:1-4

There may be no sound
In silence you stand
Yet the Heavens speak
They talk to us all
A roar like thunder
Maybe the world will not hear
But when you hear
And listen to the words
Talk in the truth
You’ll never be the same
Never again

Psalm 119:1-4
Psalm 119:1-4

The Spirit Is More – Romans 8:26

The Spirit Is More – Romans 8:26

When I am less
The Spirit is more
All that is missing
Or is broken
The Spirit fulfils
When I need words
Lost in speech
The Spirit comes through
It’s always there for me

Romans 8:26
Romans 8:26

Many Will Ask – Psalm 24:10

Many Will Ask – Psalm 24:10

Many will ask
Who is this King?
One who saves all
One who died for all
They do not know
Bu they will ask
Over an over
Who is this King?
But the faithful
Have the answer
The ones set free
The ones He dies to save
They have the answer
And they will tell
Just who is this King
The Lord Almighty
The King of Glory

Psalm 24:10
Psalm 24:10

Isolated – Job 11:18-19

Isolated – Job 11:18-19

Here we are
Feeling alone
Nowhere to turn
No one to turn to
So many feel this way
Like there’ll be no tomorrow
It’s just us or just I
Can any understand
I’m lost
I’m alone
What have I become
How many will say this
I know I do
Over and over again
And every time
I hear His voice
Calm, reassuring
Telling me it’ll all be okay
And I feel better
Not so alone
I’ll be alright
For a while anyway
Until life happens
And it comes back around
I’m lost
I’m alone
What have I become

Job 11:18-19
Job 11:18-19

Aren’t We Glad – 1 Samuel 14:36-42

Aren’t We Glad – 1 Samuel 14:36-42

Aren’t we glad
One came
That our mistakes
Are all paid
The sacrifice
For all our sins
Upon the cross
The Son slain
So we can rejoice
In the Son’s pain
His love for us
Why He came
That we be free
Despite our selves
So aren’t we glad
That the One came

1 Samuel 14:36-42
1 Samuel 14:36-42

Keep The Flame Burning – Psalm 37:28

Keep The Flame Burning – Psalm 37:28

Keep the flame burning
The one of deepest faith
A flame that burns the brightest
One the world can see
A flame of one so just
Of a faithful child of the Lord
For He loves the just
Never to forsake
So keep the flame burning
The mighty flame of faith

Psalm 37:28
Psalm 37:28

To Manage – Luke 12:42-44

To Manage – Luke 12:42-44

We all have things to manage
Money, people or just time
It’s our duty to manage
All things as best we can
Mistakes will be made
Judgements be wrong
But if our heart is true
Our intentions for the best
All will work out
And our honour be seen
So whatever it is
in our hands to manage
Do it wisely
And give it your best

Luke 12:42-44
Luke 12:42-44