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Flood And Fire – Isaiah 43:2

Flood And Fire – Isaiah 43:2

I’ve been taken by the river
The flood that wiped me from my feet
Yet here I am still standing
My God, You never left my side

I’ve found myself in the fire
Still the flame never caught my soul
And here I am untouched
My God, You protect me all along

Isaiah 43:2

Isaiah 43:2

The Dance Within The Flames (Isaiah 43:2)

The Dance Within The Flames (Isaiah 43:2)

The fire grows
Flames dance wild
Reaching to the clouds
Spreading out so wide
You’re there in the middle
Which way do you turn
The heat becomes unbearable
Flames lick upon the skin

Yet there He is

Dancing before you
A vision so perfect
Your eye’s don’t believe
He reaches for you
Taking your hand
And you dance with Him
Until the flames all die

Together you float
On ground un-scorched
No burns or scars
Seen upon your skin
Untouched you dance
With the Father’s Son
Dancing there so free
Dancing there as one

Isaiah 43:2

Isaiah 43:2


Never Overwhelmed

Never Overwhelmed (Isaiah 43:2)

I have waded through waters
Far deeper than my fears
Yet they never overwhelmed me
Not while Christ held my hand

I have danced within the flames
That I made higher than my hopes
Yet they never overwhelmed me
Not while Christ danced at my side

Isaiah 43:2

Isaiah 43:2