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Lost – Isaiah 53:6

Lost – Isaiah 53:6

Alone from the flock
Miles from all
In the wilds of a mind
Afraid of the wolf
The wolf within
Still the Shepherd came
He who carries our burdens
He came into my wilderness
Shelter from the wolf
Safe in His arms
Together we returned
To the flock once again
No longer alone
No longer

Isaiah 53:6
Isaiah 53:6

Turning Away – Isaiah 53:6

Turning Away – Isaiah 53:6

I turn away
Again and again
Live by my rules
Over and over
Yet the One who died
Still loves me so
And ever welcomes me
With open arms
Am I ever destined
To follow this cycle
Of turning away
And coming back home?

Isaiah 53:6

Isaiah 53:6

The Shepherd – Isaiah 53:6

The Shepherd – Isaiah 53:6

The flock was scattered
All turned to their own ways
Lost in their wilderness
By sin led astray
From Heaven He looked down
Upon us all in His sadness
So He sent His one Son
To be shepherd over all
Carry our iniquity
To the cross upon the hill
Our great shepherd
Came to gather the lost
To return them to the Heaven’s flock

Isaiah 53:6

Isaiah 53:6

Verse of the Day – Isaiah 53:6

Isaiah 53:6

Isaiah 53:6

I know that I go astray, time and time again, yet the good shepherd keeps bringing me back to the flock.

In the process
In the waiting
You’re making melodies over me
And your presence
is the promise
For I am a pilgrim on a journey

You will lift my head above the mighty waves
You are able to keep me from stumbling
And in my weakness
you are the strength that comes from within
Good shepherd of my soul
Take my hand and lead me on

You make my footsteps and my path secure
So walking on water is just the beginning
Cause my faith to arise, stand at attention
For You are calling me to greater things

how I love You
how I love You
You have not forsaken me
How I love You
how I love You
With you is where I want to be