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It’s My Hope – Isaiah 54:13

It’s My Hope – Isaiah 54:13

It’s my hope
A prayer of mine
That my children
They know Him
And wherever life
Takes them so
They hear His voice
And follow His ways
Against all odds
Against the tides
They may find His peace

Isaiah 54:13

Isaiah 54:13

Family – Isaiah 54:13

Family – Isaiah 54:13

Lord You blessed us with their life
As we watched them come into this world
Their tiny little hearts entrusted to our hands
Now we watch them face life’s troubles
As they grow up in this world
We help them in our own way
Trying to let them know how much we care
Now I lift my prayer to You my Lord
And ask You guide them in their way
Let them feel You in their hearts
So they know You’re at their side
Let them dwell in the love of the Father
To bring them peace in the face of their trials
Lord let this family rise
From the ruins in which it lies
To triumph over it’s battles
And live a life that glorifies You

Isaiah 54:13

Isaiah 54:13

In Your Word

In Your Word (Isaiah 54:13)

Lord, You lead my way
Leading me from darkness
To Your glorious light
On Your words I set my life
In my heart I let them grow

Lord, I am so blessed
With a glorious gift
My children I live for
In the dark a reason to live
Two blessed souls that I watch grow

Lord, let me lead them
Through life in Your word
On a path we walk together
In Your ways we will learn
And together in Your love we will grow

Isaiah 54:13

Isaiah 54:13

Verse of the Day – Isaiah 54:13

Isaiah 54:13

Isaiah 54:13

Today is my Son’s 13th birthday, I am blessed with two wonderful kids.  At the time when I looked for a way out, the Lord reminded me how much they needed me and in turn I realized how much I needed them and more importantly we all need the Father.

Perfect love
Came to rescue us
Holy blood
Claimed us at the cross

Now we are forgiven and free
Adopted, and chosen to be

Children of God
Lift up your voice and sing
Wherever you are
Our father is the King

We are forgiven
We are His children
All is (always) forgiven
We are the children of God

Now we wait
We are waiting for that day
We will praise
Our father face to face

Cause we are forgiven and free
Adopted, and chosen to be

How great, how great is our Father’s love
He gave, He gave us His only Son