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Never Looked – Isaiah 65:1

Never Looked – Isaiah 65:1

Days I never looked
Not in my heart to seek
And though this soul cried out
It never called upon His name
Yet still He was revealed
At a moment of mine so low
He spoke and life came to me
Now He’s the God I love

Isaiah 65:1

Isaiah 65:1

I Was There – Isaiah 65:1

I Was There – Isaiah 65:1

In the darkness
When you felt alone
I was there

Desperate moments
When the end was near
I was there

When words failed
Only the tears did fall
I was there

When hope was lost
And your strength faded
I was there

All along
Though you never knew me
I was there

When you needed help
To rise again each day
I was there

When the time was right
Revealed so you would know
I was there

Now you see me
Together we walk so you know
I am here

Always here

Isaiah 65:1

Isaiah 65:1

The Calling

The Calling (Isaiah 65:1)

Can you hear Him calling?
He cries out your name
Within His heart He holds your pain
As He sees you
Weeping in your darkness
He longs for you
To hear His voice and call upon His name
So let go of all your fears
Release your pride and let it fly
Take to your knees
Place your head within your hands
And let the tears flow
So He can peal away your shame
Just know that He is waiting
For you to give to Him your heart
And to take hold of the hands that heal

(Part 1 of 7)

Isaiah 65:1

Isaiah 65:1


Verse of the Day – Isaiah 65:1

Isaiah 65:1

Isaiah 65:1

I ran for years, turning my back on the voice of The Lord, yet He never gave up on me, He pursued me and called out to me, then in my darkest moment, I heard His voice and walked towards it.  I am so thankful He never gave up on me.

Oh Holy God, You are the melody
The cry that’s ringing out of my heart
I came to life the day You died
My sin and shame were crucified on the cross
All that was lost I found in You

And I will sing unending songs
I will sing unending songs
I will sing unending songs
Holy are You, Lord

One true God, You met me in my nakedness
And covered me with love
My brokenness I lay before Your righteousness
In glory I am renewed, loved by You
Holy Father

Holy, holy
Holy, holy are You, Lord
Holy, holy
Holy, holy are You, Lord
Holy, holy
Holy, holy are You
Holy are You, Lord