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Of Mercy – James 2:13

Of Mercy – James 2:13

What of the mercy
We all receive
If we have none to give
In the judgement we wield
He forgave our sins
His mercy set us for
A life in the eternal
So what of our mercy
When we deal with others
If we show no mercy
Do we deserve to receive
We find joy in His mercy
But find only pain
When we are forced to give
So do we understand
The mercy we received
When He forgave us
Of all of our sins

James 2:13
James 2:13

Of Mercy And Judgement – James 2:13

Of Mercy And Judgement – James 2:13

Through all my faults
My self destruction
And selfish pride
He never judged
Never set me aside
Mercy ever shown
Even for this sorrowful son
His mercy I receive
In His mercy I live
Never judged for all my wrongs
Just mercy bestowed
Through the God that I love

James 2:13

James 2:13

Mercy – James 2:13

Mercy – James 2:13

Who are we to judge
When ours scars reflect
The glory of the cross
Though we are torn and broken
We were made new
By the mercy of the cross
We are clothed by mercy
Yet no judgement of the Lord
So shown no judgement in return
Give back them the mercy we receive
For mercy will triumph
When judgement falls

James 2:13

James 2:13