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To The Church – James 5:14

To The Church – James 5:14

Many times
Many moments
A sickness of the soul
Shadows in the mind
Stir the heart
Twist it all
Where do I go?
I only want to hide
To whom do I speak?
Can’t open up myself
But He leads me there
To the Church
Where I can be
Be all I need to be
An open
A trustful me
And together we pray
They raise a prayer for me
Until my soul is still again
And shadows of mind clear
And I feel myself again
To be the person
He meant me to be

James 5:14
James 5:14

All Alone – James 5:14

All Alone – James 5:14

Still I struggle all alone
As emptiness sets in
Longing to be alone
Suffering in my silence
What it is I do not know
Why it is I cannot say
I know I should turn to them
Yet still I just turn away
Maybe the day is coming
I will feel to be included again
But for now here I am
Alone with my prayers to the Lord

James 5:14

James 5:14

My Friend, My Friend – James 5:14

My Friend, My Friend – James 5:14

My friend, my friend
I see your struggles
Child of mine
Don’t go through this alone
For I am ever here
Yet I have delivered you to my kingdom
So share with them
Pray with them
My saints they will anoint you
With sweet oil before my Father
To set you free from your worries
To put aside your pain
You are not alone, not ever
You are part of my family
So look up and rise again
Child of mine
For I am ever with you
My friend, my friend

James 5:14

James 5:14