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My Own Darkness – Job 19:8

My Own Darkness – Job 19:8

Too many times
My own thoughts
My inner self
My own darkness
Forms the walls
That block my way
Shutting out the light
Fencing me in
The dark paces
My mind creates
Still He shines the light
That breaks on through
Taking down the walls
That block the way
Igniting the fires
The ones deep within
That dissolve the darkness
Leaving only my light

Job 19:8
Job 19:8

Believe – Job 19:8

Believe – Job 19:8

And though the other
Has come again
Stood before me
To confuse this mind
Set it to chaos
With his web of lies
But my Lord is here
He who is stronger
To lift the darkness
Silence the fears
And set right the lies
I hear the voice
The voice of my Lord
Calling stay strong


The Traveller – Job 19:8

The Traveller – Job 19:8

The footprints
Of which one should follow
Have disappeared
Into the oncoming darkness
Blue skies
Have slipped away
Ahead now
The mists are falling
To reach, to reach
There is nothing there
What once was held
Has all but gone
Turning around
The fogs surrounding
All routes disappear to nothing
Where is there to turn
Yet upon tired knees
How does one
Find the way home
The enemy’s walls
Slowly enclose
The dark mist
Soon to become
Fiery walls
The tears echo
As they beat the ground
Cries the only sound
Knees to the ground
Head in hands
God of all
Do not forsake this soul
Crying out
Lord, lift this soul
To plains of brightest blue
Where birds will fly
In morning sun
And life rises with the day
Let crying eyes
See yonder hill
Where a cross is set against
Your skies
To see the One
Who gave it all
The One who can set
The traveller free
And through the fog
The cross becomes clear
The blood of sacrifice
Shines through this night
By the breathe of God
The mist falls away
And dark skies turn to blue
The way is clear
To where the cross stands tall
Is the path
The traveller will walk

Job 19:8

Job 19:8