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Tears – Psalm 42:3-4

Tears – Psalm 42:3-4

I’ve cried my tears
More than a mighty river
Where to all the world
It I looked to suffer all alone
Though my tears fall
Like rain upon an ocean
My Lord is always here
And catches every tear
As He holds to me so tightly
I know pain will come
And tears will have to flow
Still I am never alone
My God is always with me
in all my tears of sorrow or joy

Psalm 42:3-4

Psalm 42:3-4

When All Else Fails – Psalm 25:1

When All Else Fails – Psalm 25:1

When all else fails
What have I got left?
At the end of myself
Who else is there?
Just the One my Lord
And in You I trust
In moments dark
And times of light
You’re always there
Day and night
In struggle and joy
So before all else fails
It’s in You I trust

Psalm 25:1

Psalm 25:1

Let Time Ebb Away – John 16:20

Let Time Ebb Away – John 16:20

Let time ebb away
Pass like a southern wind
Where there’s grief
In time will be joy
Brought by the Saviour of the world
For now tears may fall
As the pain is stronger than the night
But hold onto the Messiah’s hand
And just let the time ebb away

John 16:20

John 16:20

Tears Fall – Revelation 21:4

Tears Fall – Revelation 21:4

Still the tears falls
Everyday You wipe them away
In darker hours
My strength beyond my hope
You tend to my broken soul
I see death no more
Conquered by light
You say don’t mourn for what has passed
But breathe the new life
Of every waking day
That in this will we will journey together
Still in the times the tears will fill
Forevermore You wipe them away
I remember the salvation You place within me
Until the tears of my pain turn to joy

Revelation 21:4

Revelation 21:4

Tonight – Psalm 66:17-20

Tonight – Psalm 66:17-20

Can You hear me tonight
My heart cries in the shadows
As hope is slowly slipping
Like sand through these fingers
Here I am lying on the floor
Where all my tears fall
And here I call to You my Lord
For I need You here again
All my dreams fade to nothing
All I see is my fear
With Your steadfast love for me
I know You’ll hear my prayer
Come the morning’s call
I’ll wake surrounded by Your joy
And there my cries will turn to praise
For the greatness of my Lord
Who hear my every prayer
And never fails to bless me with His joy

Psalm 66:17-20

Psalm 66:17-20


To Those Who Endure – Colossians 1:11-12

To Those Who Endure – Colossians 1:11-12

Where the weak fall
They will have strength
From His glorious power

To those who endure
A patience will be rewarded
And they will know joy

We will all raise our voices

In unrivalled thanks
To the Father of all the saints

Colossians 1:11-12

Colossians 1:11-12

Joy Comes In The Morning

Joy Comes In The Morning

Though as night comes
My soul may weep in pain
I close my eyes and lift my praise
For here my joy will come in the morning

Darkness rises beyond my clouds
Lingering over me in my tears
My eyes close tighter and I call His name
This is just a moment, joy will come in the morning

The sun breaks upon the horizon
My fears fall with the fading darkness
My praise rings like an echo on the world
This is the new morning and my joy rises like the sun

The Joy That Flows

The Joy That Flows (Romans 15:13)

In You I have it
When I see You
I know it’s there
I hear Your voice
It wells deep inside

When I am low
It’s Your touch I feel
That removes that doubt
Tears of pain
Replaced with tears of joy

The joy You bring
When I see You

The joy that flows
When I hear You

The joy of Your hope
The joy of Your love

It’s what You bring
It’s what You give
Never let if fail
Let it forever fill this soul

Romans 15:13

Romans 15:13

In Our Troubles

In Our Troubles (Psalm 34:19)

They come, they go
Great days followed by heart ache
The heart ache replaced by joy
The mountains and peaceful valleys
In our troubles
We walk them all
Hitting walls
We build ourselves
Our doubt, our fear
In every brick
Yet through it all
In every step
The Lord goes before
Never alone we go
He never lets go
The mountain trembles
Our walls fall broken
When we hold tight to Him
We are delivered
For we are His

Psalm 34:19

Psalm 34:19

Here We Are Again

Here We Are Again

Another year passes
And here we are again
We still sing
With joy in our hearts
Of a story He gave
A present to my soul
A story of a boy who fell
A boy that failed
Until the Son rose
High within his sky
Breaking shadows
Erasing the fears within the dark
A life made new
A story of Him
And what His love can do
So I share what he gave
The sacrifice of a Son
Blood shed so I have life
And we still sing
With that joy still loud in our hearts