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Night And Day – 2 Samuel 22:29

Night And Day – 2 Samuel 22:29

Clouds can gather
A shadow falls
Night is coming
A darkness to life
In the midst of day
All I see is night
Craving the sunshine
Only feeling in the dark
But You are the light
To break through it all
Turning darkness to day
Shutting out the night
A lamp to my life
What I am without You
How ever would I find
My way on this path
Without You at my side

2 Samuel 22:29
2 Samuel 22:29

My Destruction – Proverbs 16:18

My Destruction – Proverbs 16:18

My destruction
All my pride
Could it all have been avoided
If I had opened up my world
Let them in sooner
To the darkness
And the despair
Could the fall have been less
If not for stubborn pride
A typical man
Wouldn’t show my weakness
Not until it was too late
And all came down
Then pride fell
And the light came in
To set me free
From the worst of myself
To open the doors
To a better path
To a better life

Proverbs 16:18
Proverbs 16:18

Just Hold On – Isaiah 35:4

Just Hold On – Isaiah 35:4

To all those
Treading the same paths
I wandered once before
Times long ago
When the bottle
A strange partner
In an effort
To break my world
To you
I say this
Hold on
Be strong
I know the pain
The emptiness
The despair
But He will come
Just wait
Stay strong
The world will change
Darkness to light
Hope from despair
So fear not
The time will come
Just hold on

Isaiah 35:4
Isaiah 35:4

My Own Darkness – Job 19:8

My Own Darkness – Job 19:8

Too many times
My own thoughts
My inner self
My own darkness
Forms the walls
That block my way
Shutting out the light
Fencing me in
The dark paces
My mind creates
Still He shines the light
That breaks on through
Taking down the walls
That block the way
Igniting the fires
The ones deep within
That dissolve the darkness
Leaving only my light

Job 19:8
Job 19:8

Beneath His Light – 1 John 1:7

Beneath His Light – 1 John 1:7

In the light together
We walk beneath His light
In fellowship
A kingdom as one
Our sin removed
As we see truth
Beneath the light
The chosen
The saved
All together
In fellowship
Walking beneath His light

1 John 1:7

1 John 1:7

The Light – John 8:12

The Light – John 8:12

The Light came
And fear left me
Slipped back to the shadows
As I face the Light
The Light of the world
Darkness has no dominion
Try as it may
For I’ll ever face
The Light of the world

John 8:12

John 8:12

Light – John 8:12

Light – John 8:12

Although the shadows rise
They do not bring the darkness
Not like before
For now there is the light
That I find myself beneath
There with my faith
There in my hope
With the unfailing love
And the light of the Lord

John 8:12

John 8:12

Released To Shine – Isaiah 52:2

Released To Shine – Isaiah 52:2

Have we forgotten we are released?
Do we not know we are free
We have heard there came a Saviour
Who gave His life to free the world
Yet so many walk in their chains
Live life beneath ever darkness
Never knowing the light just beyond
Of the One who gave all for their soul
Even the faithful often forget
Wander back into life in shadows
But rise up you faithful and shine
So those not knowing will see our light

Isaiah 52:2

Isaiah 52:2

Generations – Philippians 2:15

Generations – Philippians 2:15

Every generation
Further from the truth
Each passing generation
Further from His heart

How will they ever know
If our stars don’t shine
How will the generations return
If we don’t illuminate the way

For we the blameless
Are called the children of God
For we the pure
Are called to tell of His truth

So the coming generations
Grow beneath His wings
And all the generations
Will flourish within His love

Philippians 2:15

Philippians 2:15

Of My Salvation – Isaiah 12:2

Of My Salvation – Isaiah 12:2

And in my darkest hour
He found me there
And life me out
The God of my salvation
So now in Him I trust
For the rest of my days
In those of light
And in those of dark
Though I may fear
Let anxiety in
I know He is my strength
And I will make it through

Isaiah 12:2

Isaiah 12:2