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Late Presents – Someone’s Been Reading My Blog

My good friend and student Nick greeted me at karate this evening with a big smile and a carrier bag. He apologised for it being a little late, but happy birthday!

Birthday Drinks

Birthday Drinks

Well as you can see he’s been reading my Blog, so I responded with:

“Thank you, but you read too much!”

He replied by saying that he had to do something when he was on the bus in the morning.

It was a nice gesture from a good friend, great student and fellow Church family member.

So I can celebrate 257 SoberDays today with a choice, Pepsi Max or Lime N Soda, oh choices, choices!

The only problem is I ate the last of the Ferrero Rochers  that I received from another student yesterday, oh well.

This morning as I walked it was frosty, very frosty, the ground was white over, but no snow, not yet, this song came on my iPod, it doesn;t really fit the post, but i like it anyway.

“Throw myself back into the ocean, and I’ve lived to tell the tale
Throw myself back into the ocean, but it wouldn’t take me back
No it wouldn’t take me back”
 (Into The Ocean by Quietdrive)

I tried my hand at a bit of poetry earlier today, but at this moment I don’t feel ready to post it, not feeling too confident with it, but we’ll see.