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There He Wasn’t – Luke 24:5-6

There He Wasn’t – Luke 24:5-6

They were looking for the Man
Who had conquered the grave
There He wasn’t
For He had risen
To trample the grave
Of death and sin
To release us all
From it’s grip
For we are free
And should praise His name
The One who for us
Conquered the grave

Luke 24:5-6
Luke 24:5-6

Risen – Luke 24:5-6

Risen – Luke 24:5-6

The grave could never hold Him
The tomb was no place for our King
He rose on the third to conquer our sin
He defeat it all now where’s it’s sting

The Son of Man walked forth once again
In His glory the enemy became broken
To lead His children into a new age
Our saviour fulfilled the prophecies spoken

The glorious Son who came to save us all
With the stone rolled away and the veil torn
To lead the way for His flock to come home
Out of God’s love to save us all He was born

Luke 24:5-6

Luke 24:5-6

As The World Arose – Luke 24:5-6

As The World Arose – Luke 24:5-6

In the morning light
As the sun broke the clouds
The birds sang their song
As the world arose
They did not know
Those who came to the stone
Our Saviour had risen
From the borrowed tomb
He conquered the grave
And stood high above death
For all our souls
For all our lives
He is alive
From the beginning
To beyond the end
And one day we will see Him
One on one
Face to face

Luke 24:5-6

Luke 24:5-6