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Maybe I Am Smaller

Maybe I Am Smaller

Maybe I am smaller
Over half a foot
Than the average man
But in life I am taller
For I believe I can

I have stared down the giants
They could never face
I have stood before the mountains
That they could never climb
I have walked up to the walls
That keep them all within

I stand taller than the giants
That come against my life
I stand taller than the giants
That try to keep me down

For I have defeated the giants
Their fear made them turn from
I have throw the mountains to the sea
That their pessimism stopped them climbing
I have broken through the walls
That their unbelieving holds them within

The reason I have achieved all this
Is so very simple
I Am
The great I Am within me
Made me believe I can

Is It Lost Inside – Mark 11:23-24

Is It Lost Inside – Mark 11:23-24

Is it lost inside
This faith that I hold
As I stand here before
These mountains once more

Can I summons the courage
To call out beyond my pain
To pray for this mountain
To fall to the sea once again

Will I stand the test of time
To be counted tomorrow
As one who stayed faithful
And through it all joyful

Mark 11:23-24

Mark 11:23-24

Fear’s Mountain

Fear’s Mountain

And if I stand on top of mountains
My past failed to conquer
I know my Lord has gone before
Only with Him will I reach the peak
To stand and see the world below
Not from the depth I once fell
But high above where eagles fly
By His hand I’ll have made it that far
Only by His hand will I conquer a mountain of fear
If I settle for the past this will never be
To climb with the Lord is the only way

Mountains And Giants

Mountains And Giants

You’ve climbed the mountain
To find the giant at the summit
You defeat the giant
To see yet another mountain beyond
It’s a tough journey
And you’re about to fall
Can you take much more?

Stop right there
Take to your knees
Close your eyes and breathe
See behind you all you’ve conquered
With His hope set within your heart
Mountains have fallen into the seas
Giants fallen upon their knees

So rest in Him for a while
Under the shadows of His wings
Feel His strength begin to grow
A new sunrise will shortly come
You’ll rise again on eagles wings
Beyond the mountain you will fly
So rest in Him just for a while

Fallen Mountains

Fallen Mountains (Mark 11:23-24)

How many times have I seen you fall
Down upon your knees
With another mountain before you
There you call out to me
When it’s all too much to take
So tired and so worn
You could no longer go on
You pray
Quietly you pray
And I listen
I will always shelter you
Always keep you safe
I will give you peace
I will let you rest
And once again I will show you
Back along your path
All your fallen mountains
Your faith has thrown into the sea
And all those you couldn’t climb
That stood once tall within your path
They are all now fallen mountains
Once you placed your trust in me
Now rest once more my child
And in the morning we shall rise
Then you will call upon this mountain
To join the fallen ones of the sea

Mark 11:23-24

Mark 11:23-24

Time To Climb


What do you see?
Standing there before you?
Standing tall
A granite sentinel
Don’t be afraid
This mountain cannot conquer
You will not be beaten

Look out to the ocean
Tell me what you see?
The tips of past mountains
Breaking the shimmer of the sea
There lie all those sentinels
That once stood upon your path
Your faith has already commanded
To fall into the sea
There they lie
Beneath the waves

A power
Your strength
Can move this mountain
Defeat this giant
Throw it out into the ocean
Yet maybe this time
It’s time to climb this mountain
To stand upon the peak
This climb won’t be easy
The scars will be there for all to see
Yet I know you can make it

Remember all the heroes
From the words of the Good Book
Those who made it up the mountain
Encountered the Father right there
In way like none before
Upon that peak their lives were transformed
So climb my child, climb
It’s time to stand upon this mountain
So the world can see you shine