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Verse of the Day – Matthew 7:7

Matthew 7:7

Matthew 7:7

I am so thankful that my knock was heard and the door was opened to a new way and a new life.

I’ve been on this journey so long, been through it all
walking my soul’s hall…
blinded by my tempted vision
seeing the names
on every knob and frame

the names of the lies
meant to disguise
the doors may be open-wide…are they meant for me?

you show me
in moments of doubting
i’m destined to find your glory
your open door
even though i’m falling
draw me closer
i’m desperate to find your glory
i know that you’re… the open door for me

i sit in rooms where there’s debts to pay
like a man chained to tracks of a southbound train
enticed by all the crooked roads that lead me nowhere
the story’s the same only the names have changed
the names of the lies
meant to disguise
this door is never closed
‘cause you died for me…

the open door for me…
the open door for me…
you are the Way, you are the Truth, you are the Life
you’re the open door for me…

the journey may be long, but at the end of it all…
you’re the only the door for me