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A Soul, A Name – Proverbs 22:1

A Soul, A Name – Proverbs 22:1

A soul is worth more
That all the riches
A names reflects the soul
The kindness within
The esteem it is held
Will be recognised
Within your name
So better the soul
Be rich in good
Than to hold all
The treasures of the earth
And name
That reflects
The kindness of the soul
Will be worth more
Than your wealth

Proverbs 22:1
Proverbs 22:1

Riches Of Hand – Proverbs 22:1

Riches Of Hand – Proverbs 22:1

Riches of hand
What is the worth?
Store of gold
Bags of silver
What is their worth?
If I am nothing?
To stand apart
A child of God
Named to bring glory
Before our Lord
This is my worth
Greater than silver
Greater than gold
It’s all I seek
A good name
Before the Father
Not riches of hand
That have no worth

Proverbs 22:1

Proverbs 22:1

Self – Proverbs 22:1

Self – Proverbs 22:1

Am I here for the wealth?
Of the riches of this world
Or do I stand for?
The richness of the soul
Which is better?
To hoard all I can
Or to seek the perfection
Of one’s self
For He named me
Called me child
And who I am
In Him
Is greater than all I could hold

Proverbs 22:1

Proverbs 22:1