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In Darkest Nights – Psalm 147:11

In Darkest Nights – Psalm 147:11

In darkest nights
Broken mornings
Stormy days
And droughts forming
I find a place
In hope to give
An unfailing love to hold
A reason to live
A Father to love
Into a brighter day
In the Lord my faith
To show me the way

Psalm 147:11

Psalm 147:11

The Faithful – Psalm 147:11

The Faithful – Psalm 147:11

To those who give their heart
Those who commit their soul
Who love without question
The name of the Lord above
The faithful who praise Him
In those the Lord takes delight
Yet He weeps for those souls
Who just do not know Him
But still He knows their hearts
He waits until they join the faithful
For the day He delights in them too
And then the heavens will be full of rejoicing
For another soul that’s finally come home

Psalm 147:11

Psalm 147:11

Verse of the Day – Psalm 147:11

Psalm 147:11

Psalm 147:11

We are so blessed that we have a Father that delights in those children who love Him and place their hope in Him.

To bring this world to life
To heal this heart of mine
Your grace enough
Your grace enough

To mend this world in need
To break the chains in me
Your grace enough
Now this means love

The weight of all our sin upon His shoulders
That we should all be called
Your sons and daughters

Let heaven and earth collide
In the endless wonder
Of Your love upon the cross
We will follow
And offer this life forever
To see Your love unfold

Adopted as Your own
Alive to make You known
Now this means love
This means love

For the lost and for the broken
For the slave and for the orphan
For everyone to realize Your love

From the famous to the faceless
From the beggar to the king
For everyone to realize Your love

You restore the broken hearted
You bring freedom to the captive
For one and all
Forever this means love

All Your children come together
All Your sons and all Your daughters
Your grace enough
Forever this means love

Your grace enough
Forever this means love
You gave it all
For one and all
Your grace enough
Forever this means love


Unfailing Love – Psalm 147:11

Unfailing Love – Psalm 147:11

Walk in His ways
Speak His given words
It will be you
The child of the Father
Who takes delight in you
Place your hope in His love
Your love in His arms
He who delights in you
Loves you with unfailing love

Psalm 147:11

Psalm 147:11