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Beyond The Clouds – Psalm 17:6-7

Beyond The Clouds – Psalm 17:6-7

In those moments
There beyond the clouds
There You are
And You hear my call
The clouds will break
Pierced by the light
And the love is felt
Deep within the soul
You become the refuge
I find my peace
For there You are
You never leave

Psalm 17:6-7
Psalm 17:6-7

Of Heaven Above – Psalm 17:6-7

Of Heaven Above – Psalm 17:6-7

Now the thirsty thirst
And the hungry yearn
The broken are crying
And the lost all alone
For none of them know
The wonders of love
Of the God of all
And heaven above
Still if they call
Call Your name
You will deliver
Bringing refuge to all
And they will want no more
Their thirst and hunger
Their cries and loneliness
Removed to far
And they will find love
Of the God of all
And heaven above

Psalm 17:6-7

Psalm 17:6-7

Could They? – Psalm 17:6-7

Could They? – Psalm 17:6-7

Could they pursue me?
Unto the depths of the earth
Could they chase me?
To the highest of mountains
Could they throw me?
To the fires of time
Could ever find a place?
Where You can’t be found
For wherever I go
I can call Your name
There Your eyes turn to me
Before the call has left my lips
There is nowhere
Nowhere they could take me
Where You could no rescue me
So hear my prayer
See me here
And set me free
To see Your great wonders
Once again

Psalm 17:6-7

Psalm 17:6-7