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Beneath The Wings – Psalm 17:7-9

Beneath The Wings – Psalm 17:7-9

And if I feel lonesome again
Keep me safe beneath the wings
Where the wonders of Your works
Will shine like stars of the night
And when I’m there so safe
Beneath the wings of Your shelter
I will release the fears that hold me
In the face of those who come against
Oh my Lord, I thank You so
That when I encounter these lonely times
There is always a place I can feel safe

Psalm 17:7-9

Psalm 17:7-9

Wonders – Psalm 17:7-9

Wonders – Psalm 17:7-9

The wonders you will see
As the time is to come
Still I am here
The One to protect you
Take refuge in me
Safe here below my wings
As I’ll go before
And defend you
From the wicked foe
So love me and pray to me
For I’ll never leave
And I promise the time is to come
And the wonders you will see

Psalm 17:7-9

Psalm 17:7-9

The Shelter (Psalm 17:7-9)

The Shelter (Psalm 17:7-9)

Are we overtaken
By the foes that chase our souls
From the shadows we will flee
To the safety beneath Your wings

There we find our refuge
A shelter from our enemy
We who are the beloved
Find our peace close to Your heart

Here the enemy cannot find us
Our soul they will never take
Now we rest so peaceful
Within the wonders of Your great love

Psalm 17:7-9

Psalm 17:7-9

Splitting The Dark

Splitting The Dark (Psalm 17:7-9)

My lonely kingdom
It stands surrounded
On every side
I’m under attack

I can’t face the night
My heart it slowly fades
Yet the fears multiply
As the darkness falls

Yet I hear a call
From far beyond the walls
A heavenly voice
That cries out my name

Your voice brings hope
Upon an endless light
That splits open the dark
With the power of Your love

Now I feel the refuge
Within the shadow of Your wings
So how can they now prevail
All those who stand against

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Psalm 17:7-9

Psalm 17:7-9


Verse of the Day – Psalm 17:7-9

Psalm 17:7-9

Psalm 17:7-9

Is it not amazing to know we are the apple of His eye.

When the darkness settles in 
And the world caves in all around me 
You’re all I need 
When my life becomes so easy 
And I have everything I’ve ever dreamed 
You’re all I need 

And now I am finally home inside your love 
And the hope I have in You is more than enough
And with all You’ve done my heart is finally free 

’Cause You’re all I need 
You’re all I need 

When my heart is in despair 
And there’s no one left that cares for me 
You’re all I need 
When my days are all complete 
And I’m met with things I’ve never seen 
You’re all I need 
I lift up my hands and give You it all My life, my heart,
my hope it’s all Yours