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And When The Dust Settles – Psalm 27:13

And When The Dust Settles – Psalm 27:13

And when the dust settles
On the stories of this life
When the time here is done
Assured I feel
That when the time comes
I shall see His glory
In the life that shall follow
In the land of the living
And the eternity to come

Psalm 27:13
Psalm 27:13

Confident – Psalm 27:13

Confident – Psalm 27:13

And when all is said and done
I’ve seen the emptiness of this world
And a fickle standing within it
But still I’ve found a different way
And of this I remain confident
I will see the goodness of the Lord
Spread through this land upon which we live

Psalm 27:13

Psalm 27:13

Land Of The Living – Psalm 27:13

Land Of The Living – Psalm 27:13

There was a day to die
By Your word it never came
Now I once more walk
In the land of the living
In every step
I see Your goodness, Lord
There will be a day to die
The day that You set
Not by this hand of mine
And for now I will walk
In Your goodness, Lord
Each step taken with faith
In the land of the living

Psalm 27:13

Psalm 27:13