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Shivering – Psalm 91:14-15

Shivering – Psalm 91:14-15

Where fear shakes the bones
Rocks the very foundations
Upon which we stand
Do we look to our hope
Or diminish in worry and anguish
Shivering in the cold
When the whisper to our soul says

I will deliver
I will rescue
Trust in me
Call on me
I will restore you
Just believe
For I am here

Yet here we are
Still shivering
Our fear bears down upon our soul
When the answers are there
Just waiting to be spoken
“Lord help me!”

Psalm 91:14-15

Psalm 91:14-15

Passage Of Time – Psalm 91:14-15

Passage Of Time – Psalm 91:14-15

I saw you in the dark nights
With pain set so deep
Even the tears wouldn’t fall
I held you then
Even though you never knew
When it all became too much
I whispered within your ear
Your heart heard my voice
And began to call my name
You who came to love
The one I rescued from the dark
Now I hear your prayers
And promise all will be answered
Within the passage of time

Psalm 91:14-15

Psalm 91:14-15


Because (Psalm 91:14-15)

Because we love You
You have rescued us
From the depth of our sin
You have delivered us
Now we long to praise You

Because we love You
You will protect us
From the storms that surround us
You stand with us in times of our trouble
Now we honour You

Because we love You
You hear our cries
In our weakness and our heartache
You have answered us
Now we live for You

(Part 5 of 7)

Psalm 91:14-15

Psalm 91:14-15

Verse of the Day – Psalm 91:14-15

Psalm 91:14-15

Psalm 91:14-15

It’s easy to try and get through everything alone, but it’s a tough path to walk sometimes, being strong enough to hand it all over in prayer, that’s not so easy.

I see heaven, invading this place, I see angels, Praising Your Holy Name
And I sing praises, I sing praises, I give You honor, Worthy Jesus

I see Glory, Falling in this place
I see hope restored, healing of all disease
And I sing praises, I sing praises, I give You honor, Worthy Jesus

We give You Praise, and all of the Honor
You are our God, the one we live for
We give You Praise, and all of the Glory God

Let Your Presence fill this place, Let heaven come
Let Your angels be released, Let Heaven come
We will worship at Your feet, Let Heaven come
Face to face we want to meet, Let Heaven come