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Of Evil And Good – Romans 12:20-21

Of Evil And Good – Romans 12:20-21

There will be ones
That knock you
Ones who question your truth
The piles of sticks and stone
May all await you
But it’s not for us to take arms
Not for us to strike back
Our only armaments
Our truth and our love
That born of God
Return their evil
With all your good
It’s not for us to fall into their ways
To stand above
With our truth intact
Overcoming evil with goodness
And our love

Romans 12:20-21
Romans 12:20-21

By Evil – Romans 12:20-21

By Evil – Romans 12:20-21

By evil
I shall not return evil
In it’s ugliness
I shall endeavour
To bring the beauty of grace
If I am forgiven
I shall have forgiveness
More than enough
To clothe my enemies
By evil
I shall return good
By hate
I shall show love
With the grace I receive overflowing
My gift from the Lord
Who forgave my soul

Romans 12:20-21

Romans 12:20-21

Is It Human? – Romans 12:20-21

Is It Human? – Romans 12:20-21

Is it human?
To return hate with hate
To strike back
When we are struck
To take back
When we are taken from
To retaliate to the ills of this world

Or is it heavenly?
To return hate with love
To hold out our hand in peace
When we are struck
To give grace
When we are taken from
To simply love beyond the ills of this world

Romans 12:20-21

Romans 12:20-21