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The Message From The Cross – Luke 23:39-43

The Message From The Cross – Luke 23:39-43

It was the message from the cross
Where one throw insults
Yet the other just said His name
This was His only deed
Though He was guilty in his sin
And the loving Christ accepted him
The one that called our His name
Despite accepting the punishment of his sin
So does it matter what we’ve done
All sin is counted the same
Just call His name
Recognise Him as Lord and saviour
Accept Him in your life
And there is starts again
Reborn with our Lord

Luke 23:39-43

Luke 23:39-43

To You We Run – 2 Samuel 22:3

To You We Run – 2 Samuel 22:3

To You we run
With all that we are
The ugly scars
And our brokenness
All our shame
And our pride
With all that we carry
Upon our weary shoulders
To You we run
Our shield from it all
And there we will rest
In Your glorious salvation
Beneath the wings of our Saviour
And the keeper of our soul
To You we run

2 Samuel 22:3

2 Samuel 22:3

To The Cross

To The Cross

To the cross He carried the tree of our burden
To the cross He carried the weight of our shame
Every lash upon His flesh in place of our sin

The eyes of the world looked upon our saviour
Only the few bowed heads and called His holy name
Still there will come a day
This my heart truly believes
This world takes to its knees
Before the wonder of that cross
To call His mighty name
The name above all names
Of Jesus Christ our saviour

To the cross He carried the tree of our burden
To the cross He carried the weight of our shame
Every lash upon His flesh in place of our sin

Upon the cross He gave His life
So we could forever truly live

Wilderness (John 7:37-38)

Wilderness (John 7:37-38)

Have we walked
Through dry lands
Desperately searching
For streams in the wilderness
To refresh our souls
To satisfy our desires
Yet we kept on searching
Never finding
Our hearts looking in wrong places
To the dry river beds
Where our lifesong once ran
Endless searching
Until upon our knees
We finally fell
Calling out to heaven’s rains
And there He was
All along
Our Christ
Our saviour
Before our eyes

Holding out His cup
Living waters for our soul
Endless life within His hands
There it was all along
Within our reach
Even in the dry lands
There in the wilderness
So why I ask
Did we take so long to see?

John 7:37-38

John 7:37-38

Called Home

Called Home (Psalm 21:1-4)

The ground
Upon which we stand

And the seas
Upon which we sail

The rivers
Of which we cross

And the skies
With our wings we shall fly within

All are Yours
Our God, our Saviour
All made by Your hand
For us to dwell within

For those of pure heart
Those who seek only You
And those who are still lost
They will all be called home
Until they become the found
Together within the glory of the Father

Psalm 21:1-4

Psalm 21:1-4

From The Fortress

From The Fortress (Psalm 31:21)

From my fortress
In the dark city
On every side
My enemies
My own self
Laid siege upon my life
But He came
Through their ranks
Wiping them all away
He showed me a life
Beyond my walls
A wonderful love
With His mercy and grace
Now I praise His name
Higher than any other
Our great and mighty Lord
The saviour of us all

(Part 7 of 7)

Psalm 31:21

Psalm 31:21

Just Believe In Me

Just Believe In Me

I know there is pain
I’m feeling it too
I have a life for you
But you’re hiding from me
Under shadows of your pain
I promise I will find you

I feel your hatred inside
With every single thought
Tearing at your heart
Inside your fragile frame
And it’s ripping at my soul
But I’ll bring you peace

The moment slowly nears
You feel you’re near the end
As each thought strikes
Your hopes fade in desolation
But then there’ll be a light
That’s when I’ll be at your side

Then I’ll hold you tight
I will never let you fall
I’ll take away all your pain
Then the dark noise will clear
The evil will be brushed aside
My voice of reason will speak

Soon you’ll come to know me
I’ll save you from yourself
A voice within your ear
I’ll speak into your soul
I raise you up to live again
Never hang your head in shame

I’ll lead you from your darkness
Just walk with me
I’ll answer all your prayers
Just talk with me
I’ll stay with you forever
Just believe in me