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Seasons… Summer

Seasons… Summer

And if I’ve made it through the winter
Then grown throughout the spring
Then am I ready for the coming summer
To let my fruit show
His love preserved my soul
His peace saw me through it all
His grace so my life break through
At the coming of the spring
Now it’s up to me
To show the fruit is ready
To be gathered beneath the summer sun

Seasons… Spring

Seasons… Spring

Let the darker nights begin to fall
As brighter mornings
Bring new life
Let the flowers break
The blankets of white snow
I long to hear the birds sing
At the coming of the dawn
Can this emptiness drift away
As the sun lights up the sky
Can this anguish be buried
Beneath the joy spring can bring
So I can grow
And rise from this shrivelled life
To new beginnings
To new moments
That can define who I’ll be
Lord be with me through the autumn
Lord stay with me through harsh winters
And be with me when I taste
The fresh of the spring
When all comes to life
And I can breathe again

Seasons… Winter

Seasons… Winter

I wake within the dark
To face another day
One where light is scarce
And outside seeks to freeze the soul
This heart it feels the cold
Numbed by the touch of winters fingers
In darkness I return home
After working to the bone
And I hide myself away
Before I face another day
When will this all end?
Will spring ever come again?
As I flounder in the darkness
And within the frosts of life
I pray the light will rise again
To bring new life to what is dying
All the leaves have blown away
This place is oh so barren
Yet here still I hide
Hidden from the word
In the coldness of this life

Seasons… Autumn

Seasons… Autumn

As the leaves fall
Breaking free of their branches
So does another tear
Born out of the fear
Of the darker time to come
Falling to the floor
As autumn reaches it peak
Slowly fading to winter
Where light is hard to find
And the hope is washed away
By the coming autumn rain
As the leaves pile up
So do the tears well
This fear ever growing
Now the winter is near to come

Dance Within The Stream – Jeremiah 17:7-8

Dance Within The Stream – Jeremiah 17:7-8

Here I long to feel the gentle pulse
Of the ever flowing stream
These roots have been exposed so long
They’ve dried up in the drought
I hear You say it will soon be over
To trust that prosperity will come
But all I see is the dry river bed
That long since carried the stream
So here I am ready to bear fruit
When the season turns once more
No longer to be exposed to the drought
But to dance in the living waters
So I trust in You, my Lord
And renew my faith in You, my God
In hope that come the new season
We all will dance in the streams with You

Jeremiah 17:7-8

Jeremiah 17:7-8

Only A Season

Only A Season (Malachi 4:2)

Your winter is only a season
The frost within will start to thaw
Sing loud His name Oh faithful ones
A new sun is soon to rise
As winter end and your springtime comes

With the new sun comes the healing
For we the faithful that call on His name
Into the sunshine we will go
With new lift within we will dance
To the rhythm of the Father’s grace

Malachi 4:2

Malachi 4:2



These seasons change
I wander through
Never settling
The ups and downs
Smiles mixed in tears

Ever drifting upon the seasons
How long will I flutter
On the coldest winds
Before I suffer
From within the fall

Wisdom will come
Visions so fleeting
All of it temporary
Every changing
Yet He remains the same

Walk the winter side by side
I’ll never let go
His hold so firm
And come the spring
Let new life grow

Journey Through The Mountains


Oh Lord
Stand me in the palm of Your hand
And lift me high above the clouds
To place me upon the top of this mountain
So I can stamp down upon this giant
Then watch it crumble beneath my feet
But I can’t take another step
My heart is losing it’s beat
I’m beaten by the journey
I’m tired
No longer do I have strength to fight
My grip to hold is failing
All I have left are my falling tears
Yet within my faith keeps beating
For tonight I feel Your breath
So I’ll rest against You just for now
Until I can rise again
For with You nothing is impossible
So tomorrow We will conquer
Together We will start the climb
Then I will stand upon the ruins
Of another crumbled mountain
Where I’ll sing so the world can hear
My worship unto Your name

I came upon a mountain
For which I had no strength to climb
I slipped and then I stumbled
Until I lay in tears upon the ground
But there I found my rest
Shelter under the shadow of Your wings
You heard my silent cries
You wiped away tears
I stayed a while
Laying still in peace You gave
You eased my worry
You renewed my strength
Until it was time to try again
Now I’ve taken steps upon this giant
Though it may take to time to climb
Yet I feel it tremble beneath my every step
Together we will shake it to it’s foundations

Until it crumbles beneath my feet
Then I raise my hands and sing my praise
In thanks for the rest You gave

Am I back before the mountain
Staring out upon the rock
Been here before
So many times
But this time it’s different
There’s an inner strength inside
I hear You calling out to me….

“It’s just a rock before you
I could move it you wish
But this time you have the strength
I’ve placed inside
You can conquer this again
I’m waiting here at the summit
My hand is there for you
Just reach out
I’ll help you to the top
And here I’ll show everything
Just hold my hand
And take it
One step at a time”

I feel Your hands reaching
Holding out for me to take
I’ll hold on tight
And take each step
Just one at a time
Until I finally conquer
This mountain

This season has been so long
Endless months of long dark nights
And shorter days in which to live
Almost a year has passed since I fell
Upon my knees with my face to the ground
Before the mountain my heart couldn’t climb
I cried to your Father
In my pain and my need
For the strength to climb above
The giant the stood within my path
Now here I stand
Finally upon the crown
Where the mountain reaches out to heaven
My soul is soaked by the waters
Which from heaven fell
To feed a heart in need of hope
To give strength to a weary being
To take each step as the long nights passed
Now from the pinnacle I look out over the horizon
From here I see the fields of the valley
Where the spring now begins
New life springs from between the endless green
How could I doubt I would ever conquer
When the battle was won when You overcame death
So I could live to sing my song
Now these scars are healed
The torn flesh is no more
My tears are erased with the new risen sun

So here I start the walk into this new season
As now my winter on the mountain is finally over

This is four different poems, written at different times over the last twelve months, all on the same theme.  The first of which I remember writing, at about 1.30am one Saturday morning, I couldn’t sleep and at the time I was deep in despair, so much so that many night I actually prayed not to wake in the morning, thank fully that journey and the winter on the mountains is over.

Verse of the Day – Isaiah 55:10-11

Isaiah 55:10-11

Isaiah 55:10-11

From time to time we have to suffer the harsh winter, before we can walk into the new life that spring brings with it.

Oh Lord have mercy on this weary soul
Come and take me to the river and make me whole
It’s down with the old up with the new
The hard reset my life take two
Oh Lord have mercy on this weary soul

I’ve got a new lease on life
They say you only live once
But I live twice
I’ve got a new lease on life
I’ve got a new lease on life

Oh Lord remind me of who I am
My chains have been shattered I’m a brand new man
I’m free indeed, I’m dead no more
At my worst I’m still adored
Oh Lord remind me, this is who I am

I’ve got a new lease on life
They say you only live once
But I live twice
I’ve got a new lease on life
I’ve got a new lease on life

The enemy knows where I call my home, but he’s still trying
To mess up my life in the meantime, so Lord remind me

I’ve got a new lease on life
They say you only live once
But I live twice
I’ve got a new lease on life
I’ve got a new lease on life

Out Of The Winter


Are you feeling cold inside
A frozen heart
Slowly pumping
A cold poison
Through the icy veins
Of a shivering body
Lost in the winter
In cold and lonely isolation

Do you feel your life
Is like a drifting snowflake
Frozen in the season
Your unique
No other the same as you
Yet compelled to fall
In the darkest of night
To join the multitudes
Covering the land
That now all look the same

Is your life trapped in winter
A dark season
Cold and shivering
Stand my friend
Look for the light
To ignite the soul inside
You have to walk through the spring
To feel a fresh sun upon your heart
Let the ice melt and life invade your veins
In the new season life begins
Walk through the spring toward the summer
When the summer arrives
We reap the harvest of the faithful
For those who walk in grace

I know your scared
Holding on in your pain
Trust me I know
Trust me I felt it myself
Trust me there is a way out
I’ve walked from the winter
Through a spring into the summer
Reach for the hand my friend
Of the Son who came to save
Let His grace be your strength
His love be your light
That warms a frozen heart
And walk my friend
Into your new season