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Released To Shine – Isaiah 52:2

Released To Shine – Isaiah 52:2

Have we forgotten we are released?
Do we not know we are free
We have heard there came a Saviour
Who gave His life to free the world
Yet so many walk in their chains
Live life beneath ever darkness
Never knowing the light just beyond
Of the One who gave all for their soul
Even the faithful often forget
Wander back into life in shadows
But rise up you faithful and shine
So those not knowing will see our light

Isaiah 52:2

Isaiah 52:2

Shine Beyond The Shame

Shine Beyond The Shame

Some scars don’t show all the pain
Most scars won’t show the struggle
Scars can be hidden
Or left to shine
Scars can hold shame
Or show our courage
Scars be so much to so many
But every scar has a story
Every scar reveals a challenge
From scars upon flesh
To those kept deep inside
We all have scars
And so many we hide
Don’t judge a scar
Another holds
Of visible or hidden
Don’t cast your doubt
Stand with them
Encourage them
Let their scars begin to shine
Their challenge
Their courage
Let it all be praised
And let them know
Most of all
The Father knows their pain
Felt the challenge of each scar
And He stands with them
Even though they not know
In every hour
Of every day
He knows the scars
Each of us carry
Each a story
Each a chapter
Of the life we have carried
And if we turn to Him
Take the refuge
Beneath His mighty wings
Our scars will shine
Far beyond our shame



We are made to shine
Like a diamond
Drawn from the rough
Once dark and dirty
But made to shine
Through the pressure
The pressure of the trials
Each of us will walk through
We aren’t made to be crazy diamonds
Who turn away into the shadows
So shine
Shine like a diamond
Let the world see
What can be drawn from the rough



We all have a darkness
Our tales of shame
All the lies and the pain
Of days of the past
Times long ago
But if we remember
The tiny piece of coal
That avoids the lick of flames
It stands the pressures of time
Shedding the blackness
To shine like a diamond
Look not to our past
Or the Flames dancing before
But look to the skies
To Heaven above
And shine like the diamond
You were born again to be

We Should Shine

We Should Shine

We dance within the city lights
Yet we don’t shine
Not so the lost can see
Not the way we’re supposed to be
We should shine brighter than their lights
To be seen by the lost in dark nights

We should shine
We should shine
It’s His command
It’s His desire

So lets shine like the greatest star
A light seen by the lost from far
Let’s shine like the brightest lights
To be seen by all in darkest nights

Verse of the Day – Isaiah 58:8

Isaiah 58:8

Isaiah 58:8

Sometimes I feel like my light is going out, but the Lord is constantly reminding me that it’s still there, just as bright and I should just let it shine.

Give me a word
Give me a sign
Show me where to look
Tell me what will I find
Lay me on the ground
Fly me in the sky
Show me where to look
Tell me what will I find
Oh, heaven let your light shine down

Love is in the water
Love is in the air
Show me where to look
Tell me will love be there
Teach me how to speak
Teach me how to share
Teach me where to go
Tell me will love be there
Oh, heaven let your light shine down

Time To Shine!

Okay, so today didn’t start exactly as planned, everything seemed alright, until I got ready for work after a shower, in fact it was going well, but then my watch strap snapped!

So not a big deal in the scheme of things in all honesty, but I do feel a little naked without my watch on.  I always keep it a few minutes fast.  The hands all always five minutes fast and the digital time about two minutes fast!


So I don’t like being late!  As someone who has managed to get to the age of 40 without ever getting behind a wheel and learning to drive (although I can now drive a folklift truck), I’ve never even applied for a driving license or taken a lesson, but that’s another story.  But walking everywhere can take longer than expected, it’s not so bad on journeys I do often, I know exactly what time I can walk it in, but other times I’ve no idea.

So if I’m in a rush and I glance at my watch, my mind just sees the time and I speed up, I still get there early if I arrive on time according to my watch.  I know, it’s a bit weird, but makes perfect sense to my crazy mind!

So all day at work I’ve not had a clue what time it was, all the computers have random times on the screens, we reset them, but they always end up at a random time.  The amount of times I’ve glanced at my wrist today, just to see nothing!  I’ve been a little lost!

So this morning as I walked to work, I had a reminder that I could easily sort this out without resorting to buying a new watch, that I really can’t afford at the moment!  There is another watch, exactly the same as mine, with a perfect strap, even the watch is working, I could just use that one, easy, problem solved!

But then another part of my mind sprung into action and yelled “NO WAY!!!” 

You see this watch was carefully placed in a box on Sunday 25th March 2012, 772 days ago, just four days before I quit drinking!

The Box

The Box

This box formed a major step in starting my recovery, on that I day I placed in that box everything that tied me to the wine drinking slob that lived in my skin for a while, that watch was one of those things.  The strap stunk of stale alcohol, like many of the things placed in that box, I purchased a watch exactly the same that very day and placed the old one, that was part of a life I wanted to put behind me, in that box with the rest of my old life.

So this morning I was faced with the choice, do I revisit that box and that old life to reclaim part of those memories for inclusion with the life I lead now or do I leave that gathering dust where it is and go without for a while, until the opportunity to replace it comes along.

It was fairly simple really, despite feeling that little bit lost without a watch, I’ll get by, I don’t need to visit a part of me that is no longer living, I have been living a new life since that box has been in the cellar gathering dust and grime.

I don’t need anything covered with dust and dirt, I’VE BEEN CALLED TO SHINE!!!

Somewhere between the end
And the point where we begin
There’s a fire burning brightly
That’s found it’s way to dim
When the feeling’s gone…

Shine on Shine on
and onto something new
It’s long and overdue
I will remember you
Shine on shine on
And let the other’s see you’ve got your victory
Will you remember me

I was with you in the valley
And up upon that hill
So take just one more step in front of you
For I am with you still you still
And you’re not alone

Shine on Shine on
And onto something new
It’s long and overdue
I will remember you
Shine on shine on
And let the other’s see you’ve got your victory
Will you remember me

Can you see my hands are open I am waiting just ahead
And you think you need it all now
But you needed me instead

Shine on shine on shine on shine on won’t you won’t you shine

Shine on Shine on
And onto something new
It’s long and overdue
I will remember you
Shine on shine on
And let the other’s see you’ve got your victory
Will you remember me

Somewhere between the end and the point where we began

Rise Above The Oceans


Lord, I call to You
I cry to You
Lord, rescue me from these waters
I’m lost
I’m drifting
I have no strength
To fight this rising tide
I’m slipping below the waves

Lord, give me the strength
To rise again
To break free from this flood
To rise above the waters
Like the sun rises over the horizon
Let break above the surface
Let me stand upon the water
So I can walk to You
To Your open arms
To find safety in Your embrace

Lord, open Your arms
Reach out Your hands
And bring me home again
Bring me home once more

Child, I hear your every prayer
I see your every step
So do not be afraid
For in you I placed my Son
When you called upon my name
In you, you have his strength
In you, you hold his light
You hold his light deep inside

You have the strength
To rise each day
To rise above the oceans
And shine your light upon the earth
Be strong my child
Have faith in me
I call you now 

To rise above the oceans
And walk into my arms

The first part here is what I found myself praying at our Encounter meeting at Church this evening, then while taking a quiet time over communion, I felt I was being give then response.

I felt I’m facing another tough time ahead over the last few weeks, that I risk falling again like last November, but now I know I have the strength rise above this and shine.  But although I feel these words are for me, I also feel there are others than need to hear them too!