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For the past two days I’ve been simply posting to Facebook and Twitter with two very cryptic posts…




That’s all just the numbers, nothing else, no explanation or any other clues.

Friends from Church and followers of this blog will I hope understand, but as I rarely post on Facebook and do not link this blog back to it, I guess they are left wondering what the meaning is, tonight I will post on there also….


For those on Facebook I will explain in full tomorrow. But I imagine most followers on here and Twitter will already know that tomorrow I will celebrate 500 days of sobriety, 500 amazing days of sober living!

As I’ve said many a time, it’s been an amazing journey so far and believe me it will not end here, indeed I never intend for this sober journey to end.

Since that day I made a call for help and met with Gareth, no alcohol as been brought into this house. Although I didn’t stop drinking immediately following that day, I gained a measure of control over it from that point.

Two days after that meeting I began praying, I asked for the strength to fight my addiction. From that point I began to dislike the taste, I began to be gain enough control to stop after a drink or two.

Eight days after praying as I walked across to the pub, my thinking was such that if I wasn’t enjoying it anymore why keep drinking, I stated if I didn’t like the taste, then that was it, no more.

Making that public statement seemed to spark a determination in me not to actually like it, I took that first sip, the one that would normally bring an enormous sense of relief and satisfied an urge within, but this time it was different, it just didn’t taste the same, it held no enjoyment for me and indeed it held no power over me anymore. That was it, when I finished that drink on the evening of Thursday 29th March 2012, I resolved never to drink again.

Not just a temporary break from drinking, but an end to it permanently.

From that day I’ve given thanks daily for the strength I’ve received, from that first prayer and every subsequent prayer since. I still ask for strength, simply the strength to continue my journey as a sober human being and also to continue my journey with God, for me the two go hand in hand.

I still count everyday that I stay free from drinking, as well as everyday since that phone call that started me out on this journey. At the top of all my journal entries I write the two numbers, as long I can write both those numbers, it doesn’t really matter what else is going off around me or in my life, I know I’m still on my journey and I pray and give thanks for that.

Tomorrow in my own way I’ll celebrate my milestone, for me it will be just one of many to come. I’ll be in Church as usual tomorrow, giving thanks for my life, giving thanks for all that I’ve become and all that God has planned for me to be. Tomorrow evening I will be spending with the members of my Connect Group, so I’ll be spending time with so many that have helped me, it will be an amazing day to celebrate such a milestone.

As I stated in my post “Beautiful Memories” from earlier today, I can’t thank the members of Everyday Champions Church enough for all their support, it’s been invaluable and means so much.

I would like to thank everyone of the followers of The Bottom of a Bottle, since I started this blog on the 6th October 2012, you have all become a constant source of support and inspiration, I thank you for every view, every like and every comment, I know I’ve been a little lapse in responding to comments lately, it’s something I intend to sort out and get myself back into the routine of doing it, hopefully if my work load settles down a little.

All of your positive messages and support have helped me through some dark times, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this blog, but it has been an amazing experience and one I intend to continue. I have followers from many different walks of life, followers from all over the world, members of the recovery community that continue to offer their support, followers of Christ that give support and bring me much needed words of God when I need them, followers of other faiths who add their support, also to the poets and photographers, all of your support has been immense.

Once again, I thank you all.

For now I’m going to sit back with a Pepsi Max and rest for a while, maybe read a few of your blogs and then an early night, it’s a big day tomorrow! That is unless I get the urge to write again.

SoberDay 500

As I walked to work this morning a number of songs played on my iPod, but this one means the most to me of all of them at the moment, the lyrics ring so true for me, in my mind I just replace the X with the word alcohol!!!! I can associate with every verse of the song and celebrate the Chorus, “I was yours, I’m not yours anymore, Oh, you don’t own me”

Dear pain, oh it’s been a long time
remember when you were holding me tight
I would stay awake with you all night

Dear shame, I was safe in your arms
you were there when it all fell apart
I would get so lost in your beautiful lies

I let you go, but you’re still chasing

Go ahead, you’re never gonna take me
you can bend but you’re never gonna break me
I was yours, I’m not yours anymore
Oh, you don’t own me

Dear hate, I know you’re not far
you would wait at the door of my heart
I was amazed at the passion in your cries

Dear anger, you made me so high
you were faithful to show up on time
such a flame that was burning in your eyes

Go ahead, you’re never gonna take me
you can bend but you’re never gonna break me
I was yours, I’m not yours anymore
Oh, you don’t own me

Go ahead put a target on my forehead
you can fire but you’ve got no bullets
I was yours, I’m not yours anymore
Oh, you don’t own me

You’re tempting me to look back
But everything that we had together was a lie