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Verse of the Day – Isaiah 54:13

Isaiah 54:13

Isaiah 54:13

Today is my Son’s 13th birthday, I am blessed with two wonderful kids.  At the time when I looked for a way out, the Lord reminded me how much they needed me and in turn I realized how much I needed them and more importantly we all need the Father.

Perfect love
Came to rescue us
Holy blood
Claimed us at the cross

Now we are forgiven and free
Adopted, and chosen to be

Children of God
Lift up your voice and sing
Wherever you are
Our father is the King

We are forgiven
We are His children
All is (always) forgiven
We are the children of God

Now we wait
We are waiting for that day
We will praise
Our father face to face

Cause we are forgiven and free
Adopted, and chosen to be

How great, how great is our Father’s love
He gave, He gave us His only Son

Crossing Roads Like A Child

As you know I rarely travel without my iPod and if I’m alone, I almost always have it on.  As I don’t drive, I get plenty of walking time to and from work, church, etc.  My playlist is compiled of mainly Christian music and a number of other songs that I find uplifting or inspiring, even if they are not by Christian artist or have a Christian theme.

So I’m not actually sure when I started doing this, but it’s something that I noticed myself doing a few weeks back.  That is, when I hear a song which provokes a strong feeling or message to me, I find myself walking with my left arm outstretched to my side and my hand firmly clenched.

As I say, I don’t actually know when I started doing it or even why, I just realised one morning that I was doing it and that it wasn’t actually the first time.  I knew it felt as though I was reaching out to hold the hand of the Lord, I knew that is what I was doing, I just didn’t really know why I was doing it.

Then yesterday I took my daughter into town to pick up a few things and meet a friend and his daughters for a coffee.  When my daughter was younger she would hold my hand all the time, when we were walking together, now she is eight she’s happy to walk alongside me, or should I say run alongside me, due to my habit of walking fast.  Yet I am content for her to cross the road without holding my hand, as long as I know she is by my side and it is safe to do so.

But yesterday, after crossing many roads within the town, we came to a slightly busier road, she was by my side and when it was clear I looked across to her and said okay let’s cross and we set off.

It was at that point that I felt her reach out with her left hand and tightly grasp my wrist as we crossed the road.

There was no danger, we had already crossed many roads, it was safe to cross, I wouldn’t cross with her if it wasn’t, if I felt she was worried I would have reached out myself and taken her hand.

I guess she reached out for security, to feel safe, though she had crossed many roads with me there, this time she needed the comfort of holding on to me, to make sure she made it across safely.

It was then that I realised she did exactly what I had been doing, reaching out for the security of the Father to get through when I felt insecure.

A few weeks ago I came off the anti-depressants, since then I have suffered from dizzy spells, although these are becoming less frequent, there are times where I guess I still need to feel that security, that I although I may have already crossed many roads, I still need to know that I can reach out and grab the hand of the Father to feel safe when crossing the busier roads.

It’s funny how we learn things, yesterday I learnt from the actions of a child, that even now I am still a child that needs the comfort of the Father.

Author of the world walk with me
Ruler of the earth walk with me
Calmer of the storm walk with me
Healer of my heart walk with me

How I need You, how I need You
Oh Jesus, walk with me

Light for every step walk with me
Giver of each breath walk with me

How I need You, how I need You
Oh Jesus, walk with me

How I love You, how I love You
Oh Jesus, walk with me

In Your presence Lord, there is peace, there is rest
In Your presence Lord, there is light that never ends

In Your presence Lord, there is joy, there is joy
In Your presence Lord, there is light that never ends