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Verse of the Day – Psalm 17:7-9

Psalm 17:7-9

Psalm 17:7-9

Is it not amazing to know we are the apple of His eye.

When the darkness settles in 
And the world caves in all around me 
You’re all I need 
When my life becomes so easy 
And I have everything I’ve ever dreamed 
You’re all I need 

And now I am finally home inside your love 
And the hope I have in You is more than enough
And with all You’ve done my heart is finally free 

’Cause You’re all I need 
You’re all I need 

When my heart is in despair 
And there’s no one left that cares for me 
You’re all I need 
When my days are all complete 
And I’m met with things I’ve never seen 
You’re all I need 
I lift up my hands and give You it all My life, my heart,
my hope it’s all Yours