Verse of the Day – Isaiah 42:6-7

Isaiah 42:6-7

Isaiah 42:6-7

I know I have felt His light and that He brought me out of darkness.

I’m burning inside, these thoughts of you control my mind
A love I can’t shake as I lie awake tonight
This is different from the rest, more than a feeling or a second guess
And I can’t breathe ’til you’re holding me again
This is love, keeping me awake tonight
This is love, I can’t free you from my mind
Cause I’ve never felt a part of something greater than myself until now
(Oh) I’m waking up
Cause this is love

I have to be with you, cause I can’t make it on my own
My fears are forgotten when I’m standing here with you
So where do we go from here, they say the future’s so unclear
But I don’t care I’ll go anywhere with you
I’ll go anywhere, we can go anywhere
To a love I can’t deny
You are the dawn that breaks the night
You have my heart, you have everything
Cause this is love
This is love, oh
This is love, oh

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