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You Found Me – Proverbs 29:23

You Found Me – Proverbs 29:23

You found me
In my fortress of pride
Where I let no one in
And would defend to the end
You broke the walls
You ripped them down
And You found me
Trembling upon the ground
In my fading spirit
With tears slowly falling
You raise me up
Took me from that place
And delivered me to
A place of honour
My God, my hope
Forever thankful I stand
Beneath Your grace

Proverbs 29:23

Proverbs 29:23

Take My Hand – Luke 8:49-56

Take My Hand – Luke 8:49-56

Lord take me by the hand
Whisper Your word unto me
Ask me rise and I will stand
For now I am down
And the clouds of death gather
I’ve seen these before
Ready to close my eyes to sleep
Remember You spoke to me then
And held my trembling hands
Your word turned my soul
And I was raise from dead that day
Now I’m asking again
Before the clouds close within
Take my hand and speak to me
So I can rise again

Luke 8:49-56

Luke 8:49-56

Come To Me

Come To Me

Come to me
I will Gather you up
All that are lonely
All that are lost

Come to me
I bring peace to all
All that are honest
All that are true

Come to me
I’ll release your burden
All that are tired
All that are aching

Come to me
And I will show the Father
All that are needing
All that are hurt

Come to me
I will give you new life
All that are willing
All that are ready

The Past And The Future

The Past And The Future

I won’t let my past
Define me or berate me
I won’t let my history
Chain me or defeat me

I’ll hold to the word of the Lord
For my past has been erased
I’ll embrace His promise
For from the ashes I am raised

All history has been written
My story has been recorded
All to come is to be discovered
My future is mine to be decided

Where I am found
My Father is beside me
Where I am destined
My Father will lead me

As The Stars Shine

As The Stars Shine

I’m not going to let you die tonight
He gave my death that you should live
This isn’t the end just the beginning
Together we have so much to give

So do let go as the stars shine
Let despair fall under the light of the moon
My peace will wash over you
Like the rain washes away the tears

I’ve seen the pain you try to sleep in
I felt the tears as I cried my own
I understand the hopelessness in your heart
But I need you to know tonight this will end

I am here beside and I won’t let go
I will stay until you walk the paths of heaven
Your pain I will carry upon my shoulders
Your burdens I will life from your heart

When you wake beneath the new sun
You world will feel so different
I tell you that you’ll no longer belong to the earth
From this moment you are a child of heaven

Wake my child and open your eyes
See my face and hear my words
I never let you die, I brought you life
Now rise above and embrace the truth

I’m not going to let you die tonight
He gave my death that you should live
This isn’t the end just the beginning
Together we have so much to give

By The Victory

By The Victory

By the victory of our Christ
His cross standing high above our life
We shall see truth
And we shall embrace hope

By the victory within our scars
His healing touch upon our wounds
We shall overcome
And we shall taste freedom

By the victory of love’s great sacrifice
His life given that we may see The Father
We shall come to life
And we shall live in eternity