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A Line To Believe – John 8:36

A Line To Believe – John 8:36

A line to believe
To that I can testify
Never a truer word said
When a free soul tells you this
But if the Son sets you free
You will really be free
So many will testify to that

John 8:36
John 8:36

For The Trapped – John 8:36

For The Trapped – John 8:36

For the trapped
For the lost
There’s a way
There’s a friend
One who can set
The trapped free
Release you
From the chains
The only One
Who really sets one free
Call His name
Call His name and see

John 8:36

John 8:36

From My Captivity – John 8:36

From My Captivity – John 8:36

Why do I feel captive
In my lonely moments
Held fast by my fear
As the world passes by
My voice it falls silent
Though I long to cry out
But nobody hears
For it feels nobody’s here
Yet the Lord calls my name
To remind me He’s always here
I feel Him at my side
And I hear Him say to me
My Son has set you free
So just believe
And You will fly free

John 8:36

John 8:36