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Of Evil And Good – Romans 12:20-21

Of Evil And Good – Romans 12:20-21

There will be ones
That knock you
Ones who question your truth
The piles of sticks and stone
May all await you
But it’s not for us to take arms
Not for us to strike back
Our only armaments
Our truth and our love
That born of God
Return their evil
With all your good
It’s not for us to fall into their ways
To stand above
With our truth intact
Overcoming evil with goodness
And our love

Romans 12:20-21
Romans 12:20-21

The Curtain Torn – Luke 23:44-46

The Curtain Torn – Luke 23:44-46

The curtain torn
So we could see God
Heaven opened for us
Through the sacrifice of Christ
Still our curtains close
Trying to shut ourselves away
But the sacrifice is greater
Than all that we are
And heaven is always open
So we will one day
We will finally see God

Luke 23:44-46
Luke 23:44-46

Just Hold On – Isaiah 35:4

Just Hold On – Isaiah 35:4

To all those
Treading the same paths
I wandered once before
Times long ago
When the bottle
A strange partner
In an effort
To break my world
To you
I say this
Hold on
Be strong
I know the pain
The emptiness
The despair
But He will come
Just wait
Stay strong
The world will change
Darkness to light
Hope from despair
So fear not
The time will come
Just hold on

Isaiah 35:4
Isaiah 35:4

My Own Darkness – Job 19:8

My Own Darkness – Job 19:8

Too many times
My own thoughts
My inner self
My own darkness
Forms the walls
That block my way
Shutting out the light
Fencing me in
The dark paces
My mind creates
Still He shines the light
That breaks on through
Taking down the walls
That block the way
Igniting the fires
The ones deep within
That dissolve the darkness
Leaving only my light

Job 19:8
Job 19:8

Fly, Float, Soar – Matthew 6:26

Fly, Float, Soar – Matthew 6:26

For you are worth more than birds
Float among the clouds
For you true self is yet to be reached
Soar like the eagles
For I tell you, you are so much more
You’re not made to be ground
Or tied down by this world
In His heart you’re worth more than the birds
So fly
For you really are
So much more

Matthew 6:26
Matthew 6:26

The Words I Hear – Psalm 12:6

The Words I Hear – Psalm 12:6

The words I hear
Deep within
Worth more than anything
They tell me
Reassure me
I am more
More than they say
More than my mind thinks
This for me
Worth more than gold
Finer than silver
These flawless words
Of the Lord, my God

Psalm 12:6
Psalm 12:6

Lost – Isaiah 53:6

Lost – Isaiah 53:6

Alone from the flock
Miles from all
In the wilds of a mind
Afraid of the wolf
The wolf within
Still the Shepherd came
He who carries our burdens
He came into my wilderness
Shelter from the wolf
Safe in His arms
Together we returned
To the flock once again
No longer alone
No longer

Isaiah 53:6
Isaiah 53:6

To Take The Broken – Ephesians 2:8

To Take The Broken – Ephesians 2:8

To take the broken
To mend the soul
To find the lost
Giving them a home
To comfort the fearful
Giving visions of hope
To save all of these
By grace the power
Of God the mercy
That we can be free
And find comfort in Him

Ephesians 2:8
Ephesians 2:8

Tearing Myself Apart – Psalm 139:13-14

Tearing Myself Apart – Psalm 139:13-14

Why do I tear apart
What the Creator of all
Has wonderfully made
All I am
Knitted together by the Lord
I tear at the seams
With my darkest thoughts
Trying to rip it to pieces
With the lies I let in
Oh Lord why do I do this
Why should I let in the lies
When the You who made me
Tell me I am so much more

Psalm 139:13-14
Psalm 139:13-14