My Pain

My Pain (John 15:7)

Here I cling to You
Holding on so tightly
Your words I desire
To speak unto my heart

My pain You see it all
This pain I know You feel
It’s source it runs so deep
Yet You know from where it flows

So here I pray to You
And dream of it’s ending
My wish is so simple
To bring this hurting to it’s end

John 15:7

John 15:7


Free (John 8:36)

I’ve faced my pain
I looked into it’s eyes
I’ve made my mistakes
I broke all that I loved

Then You called my name
Releasing me from my addiction
Then You eased my pain
Releasing me from it’s burden

Son of God You set me free
Now I walk this earth with You
Son of God You renewed my heart
Now I am truly free

John 8:36

John 8:36

Fear No More

Fear No More (Isaiah 30:18)

From the shadows
Or the empty spaces
Fear no more
And lift your eyes
For our Lord awaits
With grace unending
To show you His great mercy
For He holds justice
For all of His children
And we are called blessed
All who await Him

Isaiah 30:18

Isaiah 30:18


Unending Springs

Unending Springs (Isaiah 58:11)

Oh Father be my guide
Lead me through the places of despair
Satisfy my yearning for Your waters
In the scorched and dry plains that I walk
Give me the strength deep inside
To bloom like a garden in the desert
To flow like an unending spring
Bringing life to those that surround me
To the lonely ones whose lives have grown dry
And long for the life only You can provide

Isaiah 58:11

Isaiah 58:11

Cry My Name

Cry My Name (Psalm 91:15)

No matter where you run
You can call on me
Wherever you may hide
Just say my name
From the darkness of your night
You can cry my name

I promise I will answer you
And I promise I will be there with you

From all of your troubles
I will deliver you
From the midst of your pain
I will raise you
And in the face of your fear
I will strengthen you

I promise I will deliver you
And I promise I will honour you

Just cry my name

Psalm 91:15

Psalm 91:15

Your Word

Your Word (Isaiah 55:10-11)

Your word I hear
And Your word I read
But I call to You Lord
To help me take it in

Your word feeds the seed
That You place inside us all
Helping us grow inside
And become the person You designed

Why I am never hungry?
Why do I fill up on words of others?
Of those that call out from the shadows
And feed the doubt inside of me

Let Your word be all I desire
Let it banish the voice of fear
Let it feed the faith in me
So I can grow into who You need me to be

Isaiah 55:10-11

Isaiah 55:10-11